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  1. Dear all, I had the chance to fix an UM3 and get it for free. After printing some pieces with one extruder with good quality (see grey 3D benchy); I was interesting in printing with the second nozzle! From my point of view, the rest of 2 years old PVA was not usable because, it always do some "cracks" noise when printing and very poor quality. Also I was interesting in printing with the second nozzle, with an Printcore AA 0.4; So I installed it, etc. For the test I chose the 3D benchy bi-color. I merged the model, etc... And what was my surp
  2. It seems really difficult to peform a XY calibration. Actually I tried to, but I had a big bug on the BB print. The extruder always trying to push in and push out the filament (is it a normal behavior?). Then I have a really bad result on the glass, which is not enough relevant to perform the calibration. I guess... Can you help me to understand?
  3. Thank you very much, I've ordered springs thanks to you! I also changed the Printcore, buy a new one and installed it. It was strange because I found something in the new printecore, like a really really thin plastic wire, and I did not success to remove it. So I let it in and charge the Printcore with. It seems to work well. So now, The error from the auto leveling has disappeared. I will wait for the spring and then I will manually set the bed. Unfortunately, it seems that the XY calibration is really hard to perform. Actually, the BB Printcore print li
  4. Merci beaucoup pour les conseils. En changeant de Printcore l'erreur est partie !
  5. Thank you very much for your answers, I will definitively change the Printcore for a new one. It's really difficult when we don't have the history of the printer, but according to the picture, it seems that the old owner of this printer has printed with abrasive materiel, I assume Carbon. You're right it's a very early UM3, so I assume that I have to change the springs. So I would like to change them but, I didn't find any re-sellers, even on the Ultimaker site... Can you tell me where I can find it ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello everyone, I unearth this topic because I am desperate to change the spring that has become too loose at the back of the board. Indeed, my printer raises me an error of auto leveling with unrealistic values. I suspect the bed is not firm enough to withstand the pressure of the nozzle. Can you help me find a reference for these springs? I can not find anything on the official website and on all the dealers. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello 3d printers, I make you a brief paragraph for the history: I recovered an Ultimaker 3 Extented which was neglected by his buyer who did not want more (an unscrupulous industrialist). He gave it to me saying that it did not work anymore ... Anyway, I decided to make it running. So I reset it, get started, configured, etc ... However, I have a problem with the next one raised by the printer: "The difference between the detected height of the two printcores exceeds the realistic values". Indeed the error is raised when I want to make an print or even make
  8. Bonjour à tous, Je découvre le fil de ce forum suite au même problème rencontré aujourd'hui. Pour l'historique, j'ai récupéré une Ultimaker 3 Extented qui a été négligée par son acheteur qui n'en voulait plus (un industriel peu scrupuleux). Il me l'a donné en me disant qu'elle ne marchait plus... Quoiqu'il en soit je me suis mis en tête de la faire marcher. Je l'ai donc réinitialisé, mise en route, configurée, etc... Cependant je me heurte au même problème que @Boisdevesys, à savoir "La différence entre la hauteur détectée des deux printcores dépasse le
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