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  1. I did print with 0.06 layer but with settings from 0.1 profile. An official profile will be better. For rail models ( H0 scale 1:87 )
  2. UM3 , Tough PLA black, 0.25 AA , modified default profile layer from 0.1 to 0.06.
  3. UM3 will not print with PETG ?
  4. Lema Green Cargo scale H0 (1:87) First attempt. UM3 Latest firmware, latest Cura Tough PLA 0,25 AA core (default profile) except support, changed to 10%. I think 8% will be better
  5. 2 AA Printcore with the same filament for printing an object. Left can use maximum left side and right can use maximum right side. But is possible that one can continue a line from the other one ? Is there any slicer ability to analize something like that ?
  6. Latest Cura latest firmware, no problem so far.
  7. Anyone have tried this combination ? It could be possible or i will destroy the printhead ?
  8. A big question for UM team. IF this update have so many problems , why did you release it ?
  9. In my point of view next step for UM3 are the feeders. I have already made some test at 20 microns layer some time ago, and i was told by the Ultimaker team that i will stress too much the feeders. So that will be the next logical step. Maybe.... Ruby Print core + New Feeders. PS. Maybe stepper with higher precision.
  10. Or maybe to take serious this forum. Or even to explain how to solve the problems after upgrade.
  11. UM3. Advice. Reset Cura Connect from printer. No more problems detecting printer from Cura (4.0). LAN connection.
  12. UM3. Cura 4, firmware 5.2 on printer. No problem, except IP address added manually on Cura. By the way it seems to me that stepper motors sound different , it think they run smoothly. Or is just an imagination ?
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