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  1. Resin printing is expensive. Formlabs resin is $150 a liter and you can roughly estimate 1L to be ~1 kg as far as material usage. Some third party ones are $60-100 but I've had worse results with those. But the results do speak for themselves as far as resolution is concerned and it is a night and day difference from FDM. Not only that but I've also found it to be consistently faster than my Ultimaker 3's. As for actual material properties you can get resins which will behave like rubber, behave like ABS and lots of other plastics for functional requirements. But you won't be able to melt them
  2. I can understand the AirManager being specifically for the S5, but why the MaterialStation? I don't see any good reason why it couldn't work with an S3/UM3 bar artificial segmentation. The entire announcement is... shockingly bad. For $900 more Ultimaker is giving you a touch screen and a feed sensor. Is there anything else? Then the S5 gets a AirManager which is just a cover with what honest to god looks like a Hakko FA400 shoved at the end. The Material Station at least has a bit of promise but not for the price. All3DP states that a fully decked out S5 is going to
  3. Is anyone able to get nice clean prints when using Ultimaker's Breakaway filament? Using the default settings I get a giant mess of stringing. I've played with the settings to try to get a better result but it has been consistently awful.
  4. Looks to me to be FDM printer which is designed for non stop printing of parts for use in production (as opposed to prototyping). The problem for doing something like this is that you want to be able to automate as much as possible. But trying to do that with Ultimaker's existing printers runs into the issue of parts removal. Competitors like Formlabs has an excellent large build platform removal clamp. Thanks to that, Formlab's automation solution, the Form Cell, was easily able to work with their existing printers. Unfortunately the Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3 aren't able to copy such a set
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