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  1. Hey guys, I have the same prob since Cura 5.0.0 beta on my Linux Mint. All appimages before 5.0.0 where running without any probs. Running this: results in this: I do not have any idea how to start with fixing that issue. Can somebody help me? Cappy
  2. Hi, thanks for your explanation. It help's a lot to clean up my system a little ... Regards Cappy
  3. Ok THX. I am a little bit scared, but I'll do it 🙂 What about the "old" folders like 2.7 or 3.3 or 4.0 and many more at home/use/.cura May I kick them out as well?
  4. Hi, I am using cura 4.5.0 as appimage on a mint system. I found out that the qmlcache folder is roughly 4GB big. Is it allowed to delete those qmlc files? Cappy
  5. Ok ... got it. I did not dare to click on the "connect to octoprint" button again. This is why I was not check all the options ... :-) Thx for ur help Cappy
  6. Hi, I checked it yesterday. Unfortunately the GCODE will be transfered to the SD-Card and the filename will be cropped. Is there a chance to save it to a local Pi folder? Cappy
  7. 😵 Really? I hadn't even noticed this option ... I'll check it later at home. THX
  8. Hi guys, I am just following this ... Had probs with opening the freeCAD files as well. Cappy
  9. Yes ... but it is for start the print ... not for just saving the GCODE
  10. Hi all, I am using CURA 4.4.1 on Linux Mint. My 3D-Printer is connected via Octoprint. CURA is able to start a printjob directly at octoprint ... but is it possible to save generated GCODES to octoprint without starting the printout immediately? Cappy
  11. Hi all, are there any comments to my suggestions? I like the plugin, but there is some space for improvements :-) Cappy
  12. Oh great, that's right ... now I checked this option. It is working well now ... great plugin I have two sughestions for improvement. 1. On hitting "ENTER" the changes will not be aplied. 2. I need the object name at the beginning of the file name ... not at the end, otherweise it is not possible to find it in a long list of files. cappy
  13. Hi, maybe it is a stupid question, but I do not know what the plgin is desired for? I just set {print_time_hours} for testing. On saving to gcode file ... no autmatic prefix is set. On sending directely to printer ... no prefix. Is there a kind of howto available? Merry XMAS Cappy
  14. Hi all, I am quite new to the board. My printer is a 3rd party machine but I am using Cura on a Linux System. I added all my PLA filaments to the program settings. The most important value in my opinion is the print temperature. The slicer is set to "custom" and I've choosed some settings for my access. The pre-set PLA printing temperature is never considered. I always have to enter the material settings again ... check my desired temperature and input it manually to the slicer or change it later in GCODE. What am I doing wrong ...? Regards and thanks in advance Cappy0815
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