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  1. We print a fair amount of ABS on our S5 and have broken glass by removing prints while they are still warm. We print directly on the glass, and clean it with glass cleaner before each print. If allowed to cool, the prints release themselves, or pop off with minimal effort. Since getting spare build plates and allowing the prints to fully cool, we have had no issues. We also have no adhesion issues printing directly on the glass with PLA, PETG, or ABS, but we do utilize a good brim, especially on taller parts.
  2. Framar, The theoretical clearance is .006" at the thread root and crest, with .004" clearance on the thread flanks. They could be a little looser. I only had one set that came out easily free-running, where I guess the male and female shrank a similar amount at cool down. That set had the internal and external threads both on thin wall cylinders. Geert, Thanks for the good tip. I have quite a few of those design documents saved from previous projects. It didn't occur to me to reference those for a baseline. I'm far from an expert in the injection molding rea
  3. Hello all, I searched, but did not find much information on designing 3D printed threads. I thought I would share a success for others to reference. I came across a recommendation of using trapezoidal threads, which was the approach I used. I have printed 4 sets of threads now, and all worked very well. I used Tough PLA, major diameters around 1.3 inches, dual start threads, and 5 revolutions per inch. Please see the pictures for thread fits (dimensions are in inches / degrees). Some of them were a little tight, but wear in to a good fit after a few twists. I also chamfered the mal
  4. Hi, We recently received a new S5 for our small company. The single part prints have been easy and turned out great. The multi part attempts (same small part in 6 piece arrays) fail every time. The failure modes seem to indicate software issues. The Cura preview looks great, but the #1 nozzle will almost always fail to extrude anything, the #2 nozzle will not be lifted and drag around harshly on the glass. Once the support material did extruded a good few layers, then instead of a #1 extrusion, the #2 nozzle was dragged over them like they were speed bumps, making a ratcheting sound. I ha
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