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  1. Hi Erin, Unfortunately, just removing the WiFi board didn't resolve my issue. Machine still won't turn on. Quick blip of some fan and then dead. Does anyone know why this happens? The machine isn't old nor have much printing time on it...Has Ultimaker commented on this issue? Sounds like I need to replace all the boards just to be sure? Thanks for all your help! ~CDM
  2. For those of you who didn't have the removal of the USB stick solve your problems...what else did you do? Sounds like if I remove the WiFi board, then that *might* resolve things? Did that WiFi board get put back later and then the system worked? Most of the time my Ultimakers are reliable...so this is my first--seemingly major--issue with the UM3Ext. Thanks in advance for your help. ~Chris
  3. Hi, My UM3EXT has been working great for months and now, all of a sudden, it won't power on. The descriptions people were describing earlier sounded like my current, failing, power on experience: 1) flip the switch to ON 2) a fan starts to spin for about 2-3 seconds 3) then that fan stops 4) nothing else happens Before it would power on...albeit slowly as others have mentioned...but it powered on and worked just fine. Any thoughts as to what has happened? I've tried other Ultimaker power supplies and that did not resolve my issu
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