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  1. I am hoping that you can help me out. I updated the firmware on my two S5 today and they are still frozen after reboot. I powered on/off the machine many time and they’re still frozen. I just have the black screen with the ultimaker logo. I cannot access any menu options and the machine is not connected to my network. It's essentially frozen on this screen.
  2. Professionally; I have access to a 3D printer at work Do you have access to an Ultimaker 3D printer? Yes, I had 2 S5 What is the main reason you visit Ultimaker's community page? "I know stuff, perhaps I can help someone" To solve a technical problem/issue
  3. I had reinitialize the printer to factory paramters and change the AA0.8 head to AA.0.4 and now it work. Probably my AA0.8 is dead.
  4. I'm always had this message "Difference between detected height of both PrintCores exceeds realistic values" I can't print, need some help!!!
  5. I have the same problem, camera doesn't work after firmware upgrade. Please need help
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