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  1. Since we have the Ultimaker S3 we had the ER34 five times! It mostly likes to pup-up in the middle of a large print. So, you must disassemble the print-head and reassemble it. And not to mention your print is ruined. As much as I like the S3/S5 and some of their features, this is bad engineering! Ultimaker should design this better in this price range I think this is unacceptable!
  2. Thanks for you input. I will try to make it. The only problem I see is how to make silicone wheels. So, some input what silicone to use and the model for casting would be appreciated. By the way WOW!! The thing on the picture is beautiful. Mind telling us what it is? A power amplifier?
  3. His last post was an answer for 6 orders: After first initial prototypes a 100-150pcs next order is a bit unrealistic… So probably something changed his mind, or he does not own a UM2 anymore and lost interest… I think it still would be nice if he did lost interest to give the BOM and source files, so somebody else can continue… It is clear that S3 already has the sensor and UM3 is closed firmware but there are still quite some UM2, UM2+ printers in operation out there that would greatly benefit from it...
  4. Hi, If the project is terminated is there any chance to get the the information how to DIY the kit? I have an S3 but also an old UM2+ and don't want to sell it as it prints so much faster and nicer because of the lighter head, but the flow sensor presented here would put it on another level… I really want one!
  5. Thanks for your answers, Regarding material synchronization my problems was I was using Cura 4.4. Updating to Cura 4.5 fixed the problem regarding material synchronization. So, this is something to keep in mind Version 4.5 is a must for S4 and S5 as I found out... I now even could download the Fillamentum ASA material directly from your internet materials database which is nice. As for the cooling time: Nozzle cool down is not the problem and as “gr5” mentioned is fast. The problem is the printer waiting for the build plate cooldown. This takes ages from 110 or
  6. I’m would also like more freedom. Moving from UM2+ to S3 feels like getting a slower less flexible printer regarding basic operation handling. 1.) It would be great to let users change the filament or print core without the need to wait for the print bed cooldown. This is total unnecessary and takes up precious time when print bead is at >100°C with technical materials. Probably the best option would be to let us abort the cool down wait if we want to. 2.) I mostly use technical materials like ABS, ASA… with the old UM2+ you could store the custom material p
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