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  1. Both dragging in multiple models, and multiplying models causes them to collide and overlap with each other. Pretty obvious unintended use, as this will cause a ton more time spend rearranging objects.
  2. Looks good. The only feedback I've always wanted was the ability to hotpatch and update Cura directly in client, instead of having to uninstall, and redownload every single time.
  3. I had the same problem today and ran into this thread. Wow. Such a simple and random error to happen all the way in 4.7. I would have expected this in like, a beta release. I'm more curious as to how this could even happen.
  4. I imported both of these and cant seem to get it to work. It's full of sporadic movements
  5. Look at the outer walls. It should be 26, not 18.27. This is not a minimumlayer time issue, I have that set to 1. What else could it be?
  6. This outer wall is suppose to go at 26mm/s. It's showing as 14. I've exhausted every explanation and there are no results for something this niche. What edge case is this.
  7. Hi. It's now cura 4.7 and this issue is still ongoing; there's a requirement for minimum wall flow stating you must print outer walls first, and that's terrible. I dont' want that. Is there any reason why it can't just underextrude that inner wall for 3 walls total?
  8. So for top skin filling (the yellow diagonal cris-crossing), I notice on some holes it won't do it if it's too small. I want to know where to modulate this setting. I want it to not fill in very small holes and gaps. If there's a minimal infill area, why is there no minimal skin area?
  9. Coasting does not seem to apply on exceedingly small extrusions, even though the threshold is very clearly set to do so. This results in a lot of blobs and bumps on the print that render it unacceptable. We need coasting applied to all extrusions.
  10. I think I may have found an easily replicatable way to reproduce this. If you rely on wall line counts rather than thickness (in mm) to increment your wall/skins, you need to specifically have those turned to 0 too. This is an easy fix in the cura code as youd just need to add an if in there.
  11. What format do you expect a project file to be in? Just the gcode?
  12. I used a support blocker cube to generate an overlap area for this example. Whenever you use an overlapping shape to influence a main object will always create extra walls wherever these overlaps occur.
  13. I'm making a vase with a spiral pattern and these little microbumps in the wall seem to appear I have literally no idea how this is. What can possibly cause this.
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