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  1. I had similar issues on my S5 recently. I completed a "one at a time" print overnight, and the next day was having this error at the start of almost every print (Line nr = 0, line nr = 43, line nr = 64). NOTE: the overnight print only used 1 material (obviously). The other prints were using 2 materials, one on each extruder. Looking through the profile settings, it "seems" the one at a time feature was selected, even without being activated, due to the fact that I was using both extruders. The only way I solved the problem was to rebuild a new profile from scratch. I ha
  2. I am working on a structural component for which support structure should be used for creating the part. I am printing with PVA as my support. Reviewing the Cura slice I see numerous instances where the support material would be printed in space, trying to turn to match the part profile. Are there support options that force the material to bridge to the next available grid/triangle/line segment to ensure the following layer will be printed appropriately? Thanks in advance.
  3. @Cuq Thank you very much for your work. It works well!
  4. @Cuq or @JCD, This plug-in and script are wonderful. However, they only capture the settings for a single extruder. I have a Ultimaker S5 with dual extruders. Is there a way to capture the settings for both extruders?
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