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  1. Thanks for the suggestion of using heat to ease the process. I'm not sure, though, how to first tighten the heat block. I have left it loose until the very end, because i had to plug the wires before the process, or i couldn't fit them in anymore. So essentially i screwed the nozzle in the heat block just enough so that the heat block would still sit close to the heat break, plugged the wires, then started to screw the nozzle further, while keeping the heat block aligned. At the end i tighten the heat block.
  2. so i managed to replace the nozzle without screwing the heatbreak. It was somehow tight to put it back in, i had to use definitely more force than gr5 showed on the video, but i suppose a new aftermarket nozzle might just be different enough to fit slightly different in the thread. In any case, it seems to print alright now, and the procedure is delicate but not too tragic imo. Worth trying if a nozzle is fucked up.
  3. Thanks for the link, i have indeed ordered one of those, and will follow mighty gr5 instructions to try replacing it. I will probably attempt a cleaning procedure before. I wonder: what's the use of that red o-ring that is also in the pictures of the micro-swiss product?
  4. My PC nozzle is very very worn and is underextruding, i don't think i can keep using it as is, so it's either trying it or throwing it 🙂
  5. Hi, is there anyone producing these nozzles? I have one that seems very worn down, and i'd like trying to replace it before tossing away the printcore.. Edit: i just found https://www.3djake.com/brozzl/hardened-steel-nozzle-for-ultimaker-3-aa has anybody tried it? Edit2: seemingly amazon also sells brass nozzles for UM3.. any feedback?
  6. So swapping cores seem to have solved it.. I guess i shall try to replace the nozzle before thrashing that right PC..
  7. So this is what my printcores look like: the underextruding one is the one that seem a lot more consumed on the bottom
  8. Thanks for the reply, yes i cleaned using PLA, and i in fact cleaned the outside of the nozzle with a blade (!), and it took me a while.. (i was planning to use a brass brush but couldnt find any quickly) I was planning to switch cores and test the other core with this filament/feeder. Will try that and report!
  9. So extruder settings are the same (cloned with Duplicate plugin in cura), filament is also the same (just different color). Right is extruder one, gold, and left is extrude two, orange. What could be the problem? Fucked up printcore? Last print i did i was looking at it while printing, and it seemed that things were good until the top layer. also, bottom layers are perfect. I performed the cleaning procedure with hot/cold pulls very recently. as far as i remember this extruder always had this problem.
  10. Ok. after the 3 failed attempt i turned the part and printed it close to the front. It turned out alright.
  11. Do Ultimakers have a thermal gradient in the build area? If i have an enlongated part to print, and i align it along the Y axis, should i expect warping in the back? (that's what i'm getting, w/o cooling). I tried to lower temperature, print outer walls before inner walls, the situation improved, and i believe the difference between front and back became even more apparent, as the front is now perfect and the back gets some warping, and it looks, also from the side, that there's even some curling of the layers. Side question: might this be also caused/exacerbated by enclosing the printer
  12. According to the other user, it's the belt that's worn a slightly stretched. I'll try to find a new one and replace, then report 🙂
  13. Thanks! will check that out. Btw, googling for this (UM3 bearing) i found Sounds about the same issue? Edit: and this
  14. I think you might be right, i put my ear next to that shaft (the one the short belt is pulling) and i think there is where the noise come from.. But if that's the case, it shouldn't be very serious, should it? Usually worn bearing are just a bit noisy. Or could this be what is affecting precision? Btw , for losening the y-motor, you mean the 4 screws on the outside?
  15. I made a couple of other vids: https://ufile.io/ijrhb4ur https://ufile.io/3qdj889c I do not see anything out of the ordinary, maybe just the short belt very close to the side of the pulley, i saw below there would be some margin to move it, like half mm, so i could try that. Other than that, the noise always when the white label on the short belt go around the top pulley.. Edit: i managed to move the short belt away from that edge, but the sound persists
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