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  1. Enigma_M4, Sorry, I got a little busy since your reply. I ran the diagnostic test for the level sensor and it gave me a url with the error code. I went to the page; it said to check to make sure that the cables were completely plugged in on the back of the print head. I pulled them out and then stuck them back in, and now it works. I guess they didn't get pushed in completely last time I had to take the head apart. I had already done a few level sensor diagnostic tests before, but I followed your advice and did it again. It is now working just fine. Thanks
  2. I am also having similar troubles. I found this, hopefully someone can help. Instead of a UM3, I've running a UMS5 with the most recent firmware (6.2.0). Each time I start a print, the printer runs through the the z-calibration step. 9/10 rimes it will get to the nozzle, stop then continue to the other nozzle, stop, and then continue to push both nozzles up into the head. When it reaches the maximum height and can not push the nozzles up anymore, it will jerk back down and say that the process failed and would abort the print. The rare times it does get past this point
  3. So just place the spool of PVA on the bed and turn the heat on. I'll try that too (but might also try the oven on a length or two to see if that works, got any temps and times to try? I left it out just not that long. I think I'll do a test with a short piece left out over night
  4. I have 3 different rolls of PVA that have been kept in their dry-bags with silica, but I keep having this problem. I knew that PVA would absorb the moisture in the air (which is why they are kept in bags) but I didn't know they could get too dry. (I had the assumption that maybe they were too dry and needed a little moisture, but thought it was a long shot...maybe not) I've seen different posts that say you can "bake" PVA to dry it out. Now I'm seeing that this may help it to not break in the feeder. Do you have a temp that you used, I might do a few experiments.
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