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  1. I saw you can modify the theme.json which was great except for little fact it had no effect and I did restart cura and i'm in that color theme per settings. I don't want to have to recompile the whole shebang and maybe the creators are sadistic or pyscho and like that FF00000 shade of red. Doctors wear teal in OR to calm eyes. So is there a way to reset the color for the "Shell" or "Wall" or-sometimes-like-to-confuse-everyone-and-be-called "Skin"? Yes fuzzy skin is a misnomer. Skin is never fuzzy. Walls are-the bright ass red walls. Imagine if a prison or psych ward had red walls like this?
  2. Perhaps it is. I didn't think to look in cooling - poor placement as it's actually speed related to cooling. Thankx
  3. I have looked and looked and looked and looked and can NOT figure out what the F is going on. It happened with 4.8, now with 4.9b and still does it. One would think it was "small features print speed" modifier but no. I carefully set speed for the whole model only to find it reset it to how it saw fit. See screenshot - it previews like it's going to print 9mm/s. Hell I'll print it to see what happens.
  4. Hey so I spent an hour scaling and moving support blocks on a complex model. So I saved it as a project after that painstaking work. I do not use grouping and avoid it like the plague as it tends to move items around at free will and ruin work. To my horror it chooses to group on save. I ungrouped and sure as ever it pulled them all above buildplate. Is there a way to save the project EXACTLY 100% COMPLETLEY COMPREHENSIVLY in the way I left it? I shouldn't bit it's open source but someone smarter than me make it an option to ruin saved projects?
  5. Thanks. It came out fine so I was worried needlessly. I almost prefer printing from SD card as i've had string of failures with OP.
  6. I just put masking tape on my extruder and z all-thread rod on my ender 3 pro printing from SD card. (OP is nice and fancy but SD printing is much more reliable, isn't there a OP plugin for power recovery?!). So anyhow yes I do love combing and that's why I use Cura. I don't see why combing and z hop have to be mutually exclusive but they are. I have comb not in skin on and Z hop 0.41mm withOUT the over printed parts only qualifier. So I see for some retracts it will movcastle.curaprofilee Z up, but by no means all of them. Only about half. I attached my profile and ye
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