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  1. Hi Gero, Thank you very much for z hop suggestion! It was not working how I wanted it to. Disabling "Z Hop Only Over Printed Parts" made the antennas disappear, as this forces z hop to always work. This way the oozed filament blob will not crash into the wall after a travel move. Best, Ewald
  2. Hi geert_2, Thanks a lot for getting back to me. The "insect antennas" from your pictures are indeed very similar to mine! The Sovol SV01 printer has a direct drive extruder and should therefore have less pressure issues with TPU. I have tried printing at 220°C instead of 230°C and 15mm/s instead 27mm/s printing speed. The results are unfortunately exactly the same: Could there be any other reason you can think of? Best, Ewald
  3. Hi everyone, I am on the verge of giving up with Cura for printing TPU. I have a Sovol SV01 printer and it prints eSUN PLA and eSUN PETG perfectly fine using Cura. When I try my eSUN TPU 95A however, I get large blobs at a distance next to the walls. I have tried tuning retraction distance and speed separately ranging from 3 to 6.6mm (limit) and 18 to 39 mm/s (limit) respectively. I have also tried ranging the temperature from 220 to 230 degrees, various coasting and all combing mode settings (also "Max Comb Distance With No Retract"). Printing speed is with 27mm/s
  4. That is a good idea, I have created a pull request. Your question I do not understand however. Do you mean why relative VS absolute extrusion? I use relative extrusion for easier post processing, which allows me to use the plugin OctoPrint-Cancelobject.
  5. For people facing the same problem but wanting the "Pause at height" script to work with both absolute and relative extrusion (depending on your "Relative Extrusion" setting under "Special Modes"): Replace the following line in PauseAtHeight.py file prepend_gcode += self.putValue(M = 82) + " ; switch back to absolute E values\n" with the following lines extrusion_mode_string = "absolute" extrusion_mode_numeric = 82 extruders = list(Application.getInstance().getGlobalContainerStack().extruders.values()) relative_extrusion = extruders[0].getProperty("
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