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  1. @Torgeir The next time I pulled the plug out, a couple of the wires fell right out of the crimp! I got a new Z-motor and it's working beautifully. Once I get a crimping tool, I'll fix the connection on the original motor. (I got the crimp and some fresh connectors.) Thank you again!
  2. I just want to update this with a couple of things: I unhooked the Z-motor and gave the leadscrew a good clean and lube. I noticed a scorch mark on the Z-motor plug (photo attached). I tested moving the buildplate from Cura. It made a horrible noise, and it seemed to lower no mater which direction I tried to move it. (I hit the up arrow twice, then the down arrow twice.) When I tried to move the buildplate down manually, it felt locked until I turned my machine off.
  3. Here is the video. Now I realize the noise starts at the beginning of the lower buildplate command:
  4. All of a sudden, I am getting the "ER06 - Z Switch Stuck" error message. I also hear a weird grinding sound (I assume from the Z motor?) when I attempt to raise or lower the buildplate. I am able to click the switch easily. The screw at the bottom of the buildplate isn't broken or bent. I reflashed my firmware. I want to test the Z Switch next, but I'm not sure how to test it with the multimeter. What should I be doing? Are there any other tests I should perform?
  5. Okay, I think maybe I solved this. When I heated the nozzle all the way up to 210C, I found that I was able to tighten it a few more times with minimal force. For whatever reason, tightening it at 100C didn't give me the same effect.
  6. I realized that I had never changed the nozzle on my machine since installing the Olsson block (😬) so I ordered a few .4mm nozzles from Matterhackers. After installing the nozzle, though, I haven't been able to get the machine to extrude properly. I just did a big overhaul, replacing the feeder and Bowden tube, taking apart the head and cleaning the whole line. I've tried a couple of different nozzles, but no luck. After the latest attempt, though, I realized that there's plastic leaking on the outside of the nozzle through the Olsson block. What am I doing wrong? Why can't I seem to install these nozzles correctly?
  7. I've been having some trouble with my fans on my UM2+ lately. I noticed that this post describes similar issues to what I'm experiencing: So I decided to follow the test instructions. Here were my results: Test 1: T1 0.841, T2 0.841 Test 2: T1 0.856, T2 0.992 Test 3: T1 0.053, T2 0.671 Does this mean that the T1 transistor needs to be replaced? UPDATE: In case anyone else is experiencing a similar issue, I did need to replace the transistors. I consulted a friend who is more experienced with circuit boards than I am, and he confirmed that the transistors were probably in bad shape. I ordered part number BC817-16FDICT-ND from Digi-Key, and my friend swapped out the old transistors for the new ones. The fans started right up with no problem! No need to kick them, and they are properly cooling the prints now. Thank goodness for these forums or I would have been totally lost!
  8. Lately I've been having trouble with pillowing and ugly overhangs on my print models. My impression is that the layers are not cooling properly. I replaced my side fans and reinstalled Marlin to see if it changed anything, but nothing has changed. I am weirdly suspecting that the side fans start spinning faster after the print job is done. I can sometimes make out the circle shape on my fans during printing, but when the print job is done, the fans are spinning so quickly that I can't make out the circle shape. I have the fans set to 100% during printing. The pink calibration cat was printed before these problems began. The orange cat is from today. All of my calibration cats look more or less like this right now.
  9. So I thought maybe the issue was with one or both of the side fans, so I ordered new fans. I plugged in the fans, but they are not spinning at all. I tried setting the fan speed to 100% in the menu without printing, then tried to start a print and then set the fans to 100%. They didn't budge at all. What else can I try?
  10. I have an Ultimaker 2 that I upgraded to a 2+ a few years ago. Yesterday, both the side fans suddenly stopped spinning. I swapped out the fan cable to see if there was an issue there, but there was no change. The rear fan is working fine and the LED strips appear to be fine as well. I'm not able to measure the voltage with both fans plugged in. I'm not sure if this is the correct way to measure, but I unplugged one fan, then measured the DC voltage at the fan plug, plugged the fan back in, and did the same thing on the other side. In both cases, I measured a DC voltage of 18.5-19V. I measured the voltage at the LED strip and it was 24.2V. I have no idea how to proceed from here. What do I try next?
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