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  1. My question has been answered and the subject is closed now,
  2. Just loaded the Printer Settings plugin from the MarketPlace and I see the settings. This looks more friendly. Now I can really start experimenting. Keep you informed about the results, it will take some time.
  3. I am going to experiment coming period to see what the effects are. Lateron I will come back.
  4. Thanks, each profile have slightly different settings like e.g a higher fill percentage. I did find the file, I suppose that I have to set the "settable_per_extruder": false to true, to become active. A very interesting file, I did also see that you can set sharing a nozzle. I have a heatblock with two feeds for filament and one nozzle. Does it mean that I have to set sharing nozzle to true when I want to mix two colors?
  5. I defined three extruders (T0, T1 and T2) for my printer in Cura 5.2.2. I Have two physical extruder motors, with two different colors of filament and one nozzle. What I want is as follows; I have different settings for 1,2 and 3. Now I want to set Build plate adhesion for 1 to extruder 1, which is ok. But at the same time for 2 build plate adhesion is also set to extruder 1 as is for 3, while I want to have extruder two virtual blue and extruder 3 for virtual yellow. All other settings for extruders are on "not overriden". Question is it possible to set Build Plate adhesion for 1 (virtual black) to extruder 1, for 2 (virtual blue) to extruder 2 and for 3 (virtual yellow) to extruder 3. If so I can select just one of the three possibilities which I need without change the right extruder.
  6. We are further investigating this problem. Printing with two colors, meaning a part color A and a part color B of the same object is no problem. But mixing e.g Yellow and Red to get a type of Orange has a strange effect when I print a cylinder. One part of the circle is Yellow slowly changing into Red and then back to yellow when tthe circle is closed. And that happens then again for the next layer again. Our, hcc!3D, has as first conclusion that the colors are not mixed but going not mixed through the 0.4 nozzle. Why? because the inside of the cylinder has the color change in just the opposite direction. So when the outside is Yellow, the inside is Red. The nozzle is making a circle but has relative fixed position, which explains that the inside and outside have opposite colors. We are still further testing. I will close this question when we close our investigation to prove that we are right.
  7. Thanks a lot for your answers it gives us/me a lot of fuel for further study. We as Dutch hobby club (HCC!3D) are experimenting a lot with 3D design and printing. We use in general Fusion360 for design and a.o Cura for slicing. One of us has even developped and built a 5D printer with marlin software. It is working perfectly. We are also experimenting with 3 ultimaker printers. Bernhard van Dijk
  8. I am using Cura 5.2 and want to mix two colors, using the g-code M163 S0 P5, M163 S1 P5 and M164. My printer is not an Ultimaker. My printer settings are for two extruders with a mixing hotend part. When I am slicing the object I see that the g-code contains the correct settings for M163. However, when I start printing with for example black and green, each layer is printed with 50% black and 50% green. So it is printed after each other. Both extruder motors are running. What I had expected was the mix of black and green, but now I see one side of the object is green and slowly changes over into black on the other side. It has a nice effect but not wat I wanted. On internet I see two color printing as a part color 1 and another part color 2, but not mixed. On our hcc!3d hobby club we have 3 ultimaker printers and two color printing works without problem. Question, is it possible to make settings in Cura 5.2 for mixing colors.
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