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Ultimaker 2 grinding at feeder mechanism

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Our U2 prints fine for several prints, then stops extruding - I see the stepper knurl grinding away at the PLA, which no longer advances through the bowden tube. I've opened the casing several times, managed to close (that is one tight spring!). The printer works for a couple prints then fails again. I am not sure what to adjust to make this printer work consistently. Can anyone please advise me?

Thank you,


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How old is your printer?

I would say clogged nozzle, if printed some hundred hours or

very hot (230+) then Teflon spacer.

Clogged nozzle is fixed (usually!) with Atomic Method.

Good luck!



Just replaced the Teflon spacer after having similar issues, and having printed for several hundred hours. It seems that a lot of the problems that I thought were stemming from my high quality ColorFabb Standard White PLA/PHA filament (which didn't make sense) and poor prints can be attributed to the Teflon spacer. Below is a photo of what the spacer looked like when I pulled it out.


Prior to replacing the teflon spacer, my prints were stringy, and in general seemed to look worse and worse. In response I raised the temperatures to 225-230 - which seemed to work for a while. Then I noticed more stringiness, so I thought maybe it was the filament and lowered the speed - which also seemed to work, until it really no longer did. I have printed for hundreds of hours (500+) on my Ultimaker 2.

Hope this info helps!

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