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Newbie... Lack of sleep... Help please!

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Okay guys, so I'm a new teacher that just assembled an Ultimaker for use in my classroom. I purchased with it the UltiController. I assembled it and it had some issues of not allowing the user to control it directly from the UltiController. It did, however, allow for it to find home and displayed information on the UltiController, it just wouldn't allow me to use the controller to move the axes or initiate the heater. After reading more in depth, I assumed my Ultimaker was pre-loaded with 5D (correct?) and that I needed to upgrade the firmware to Marlin to utilize the Ulticontroller (correct?). I upgraded the Arduino to Erik's Marlin and tried it again. Now the UltiController does not display any information, despite switching cables around. Given that I was able to send information and receive information before the firmware update, I'm doubting the cables would be the issue (correct?). At this point, I'm just hoping to connect it to a CPU unit and test it's print settings to ensure everything works, but now I'm unable to connect to the machine in ReplicatorG, throwing an unable to reset error. Thoughts?

Having stepped into a room with some other serious issues, I'm hopeful I can concentrate on those for a couple days and that you Ultimaker Geniuses have the simple answer my underslept mind missed. Thanks guys!

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Dear MSURunner,

Can you tell me what you have tried to move the printhead or heat it?

It should have been sent with Marlin 2.0

But no worries:

If you are using ReplicatorG, upload the firmware to Marlin 2.0

If you are using Cura, upload 'Default firmware'.

This should help you using the UltiController.

The flat grey cables are not the problem. They can give u 2 options, either you see 2 bars (which is wrong)

or it shows the menu (which is good).

Can you acces the files on your SD Card?

Please check the firmware and let me know if this works.

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I tried to move the print head with the Ulticontroller in its menu, but the only movement I was able to get was the autohome function. It would not respond to moving the axis or heating the print head. I also tried to connect to it using ReplicatorG, but it keeps failing to make a connection, serving up a RTS failed to reset error. As I connect the UltiController now, I show only blocks across the display (regardless of cable orientation). Is there a place to download the Marlin 2.0 firmware outside of ReplicatorG/Cura? If not, is Cura the better option? If RepG, which version? Sorry for the fourteen hundred questions!!!

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Sounds like a MINTEMP or MAXTEMP trigger. Which stops the motion of the axes, and stops the heater from working.

This happens if the wires going to the temperature sensor are not properly screwed in, make sure those small screws are really tight, and make proper electrical connection.

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I think that may have been the issue. I reflashed it with Marlin 2.0 from Cura and swapped/rechecked connectors. My only issue now is adjusting things I think... I can't seem to maintain a consistent flow rate through the printing of a part. I've tried turning up the temp to 260 and slowing the speed down to 50% (which seems to work well to start) but by the end of a part it seems like the print head is starved for PLA.

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