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Hei Need help! Cura don t recognize parts of a stl files

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Your model is probably too thin.  There are other possibilities but looking at the image that's my first guess.  You can verify this by setting the "shell thickness" to 0.1mm and see if that helps.  Of course don't print it that way - you want your shell thickness to be a multiple of your nozzle width if possible.  It may be that .35mm shell thickness is enough to see your entire model - if so then go ahead and change the nozzle width to .35 and it will print reasonably well (not quite as good quality as normal).  But if you can't get it all with .35mm then you need to "fix" the model.

of course it may be something else - if that isn't the issue try looking at the part in "xray view".  If there is anything "red" then *that* is probably the problem.

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Did you try the shell thickness 0.1mm thing?  I can't see that in your screen shot - it looks like 0.4 still.  That was what I said to try first.

What do you mean "thickness is okay"?  It should be at least 1mm thick everywhere.  I'm even more sure it's a thickness thing after seeing these screen shots.

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