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Deformation at tip

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Everytime I change material there's a deformation at the tip of the filament. This is not letting the material to flow and thus, is not printing.

I have to remove the tube at the hot end, move the filament and cut the deformed portion.

Sometimes the deformed tip is inside the tube, some others is outside.

Anyone know why is this happening?




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I assume this is not happening with fresh/new material?

If this is just happening when you pull out the filament from your hot end, I think it is because there is a little bit of room between the bottom of your bowden tube and the PTFE/teflon part.

If you retract the bowden tube may move a little, and when this happens while your filament is hot it may get in that little space.

What you should do is loosen the 4 screws a little bit, remove the horse shoe, push down the bowden tube as far as it goes, put the horse shoe in again, push it down once more and then tighten the 4 thumbscrews again.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes :)

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To much is not good, will increase the spring pressure on the ptfe, aim for 1mm. You lower the ptfe (white thing) by rotating the hot end isolator ( the metal part with holes in it).


Some of the new printers come with 3 - 4mm and can sit at 1 mm or the heater block interferes with the fan Shroud.

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