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Feeder making loud noise and skipping. Watch Video.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Steph and I purchased a U2 3 months ago. I love this thing. I have been printing with the Ultimaker Filament. Recently make feeder began making noises, skipping and not moving material. It does this on all prints. I need some assistance diagnosing this problem. Please see video.

Stephanie A.


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Skipping backwards is normal - the feeder here has less current (less power) on purpose and if you fight it too hard it skips back instead of grinding the filament to dust. This is a good thing.


You probably have the filament stuck on some lip somewhere inside the head. Try going to "move material" and wait for the nozzle to heat up and then move the material up a bit (watch it in the bowden) and then back down. Repeat a few times. If it doesn't get past the issue maybe pull the filament out and trim it to a point instead of cutting it flat at the end.

Alternatively you might have a nozzle clog but I doubt it.

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Sometimes i have that problem , this is cuz in your nozzle are carbonize material and that blocks the printhead. You can clean doing that : https://ultimaker.com/en/support/view/149-atomic-method

And try to elevate the temp of your print , but it depends about the material that you are using in your print. I don't know if u are using ABS , PLA from UM or maybe Colorfabb. Sometimes u need to configure different settings about PLA from UM and PLA/PHA from Colorfabb.

Try to keep clean your nozzle after print.


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