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Holes are printed 0.5mm smaller then designed

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Is there some correction possible within netfabb?



I don't think so. It happens with varying degrees in most slicers.

You get it worse for smaller holes (percentage of error)

It also makes a slight difference how many sides your circle has.

It's not as bad for vertical circles

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Update: At the office, we run a Makerbot Replicator. A coworker printed this:


and he just snappet the parts together. My print shows, that the holes are (you know) to small.

Most of the prints on Thingiverse are based on STL. STL are not sources, so you can not modify the part in a source editing manner.

There must be a solution possible.....

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yes you can edit a STL.

open your STL file in a 3d program like cinema or max.

then make sure you are in NODES mode, use a circular selection tool and select all the nodes around the circle you want, then use the scale tool to scale the nodes in the appropriate axis.

BINGO. fixed stl.

Ian :D

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This is about tools compensation...

The noozle of the printer is about 0.4mm width and most of slicer doesn't compensate it (it is even wider when it is printed). The noozle follow the edge without spacing about 0.5mm.

Kisslicer do this tools compensation ! But i don't know how to configure it... I mean how to modify the width of this compensation.

With netfabb, you need to add (on the XY plan) about (0.5*2)mm width to all your inner holes (and may sub to the outer edges too...)

This is strange due to this is not complicated to push the nozzle Xmm away from the edge...

I can't print fonctionnal parts with Netfabb if i don't manually compensate...

See ya.


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