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failed prints. because of filament?

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I am still new to printing and haven't worked out all of the quirks. I have 3 rolls of filament all ultimaker brand pla from fbrc8. my grey filament works perfectly never having any print failing issues. However my white and green pla give me hell. On nearly every print this happens IMG_20151007_203225.thumb.jpg.3073f25181ad762a03e0261962d482cf.jpg where after the first couple layers it stops extruding and a lump of filament forms over the nozzle but the print head keeps on moving. I dont change settings between the filaments; always printing at 0.05 layer height and 60 mm/s speed. After this happens I always use the atomic method the clean out the nozzle for the same thing to happen next print.

Is there such a thing as bad filament that would cause this consistantly and if so should I return them and buy another more consistant brand.(if so what)


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Yes you can have bad filament, also different color may need different settings.

Is the feeder skipping or chewing the filament?

What temp are you printing at?

you could try raising the temp.

UM filament is normally pretty good but they have been having problems will silver. I have noticed that the bad silver prints better when cold. So maybe that's why your silver prints but you have problems with green?

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each filament has a slightly different temp profile - worth running these 'problem' filaments at a slightly higher temp to start with, and sometimes a different flow.... then set up a profile and write on the box. Some filaments need more babying than others and I tend to use those up as soon as I can - and/or use them in a larger nozzle for 'drafts'.

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