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Heater Error

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Hello everyone, UM2 was working great for a while then all of a sudden I received a temp sensor error. Easy fix right? Checked all wires and they were in securely. Replaced PT100 with a new OEM one along with new teflon coupling. After install I now get the heater Error. I replaced the both heater and sensor wire a few months ago. The Heater wire looks brand new still so don't think that could be it. I made sure heater block is not touching fan unit. Update firmware to latest, same results. Below is a video, any suggestions? When I first turned on the machine, the temperature was 28. Tried to increase to 36.


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Do you have access to a multimeter? If you do, you could try measuring the resistance of both the heater cartridge and sensor to see if they are displaying sane values (the sensor already seems to since it's showing 28C).

The sensor should show around 108Ohms at room temp and should increase if you warm it up in your hand. Here's a table from a random google search that shows you what it should read at different temperatures:


The heater should measure somewhere in the ballpark of 20-25Ohms.

You could also check if voltage is being applied to the heater when you tell the printer to heat up.

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Thank you Robert. I ended up ordering a new heater cartridge and it worked right after install. So solved the problem with the heat sensor followed by the heater cartridge, now my left fan is making noise ARGG!!! I am just glad it is printing again though.

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