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Posted · Forum 404 Errors

Hi! I'm not sure why, but When I click on a topic from the main forum page, I'm getting 404's.

For example, when I click on Coffe Corner, this URL throws a 404: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/general/coffee-corner?topics=1&sort=latest&type=all.'>https://ultimaker.com/en/community/general/coffee-corner?topics=1&sort=latest&type=all.'>https://ultimaker.com/en/community/general/coffee-corner?topics=1&sort=latest&type=all.'>https://ultimaker.com/en/community/general/coffee-corner?topics=1&sort=latest&type=all. I have to manually edit the URL to make it https://ultimaker.com/en/community/general/coffee-corner before it will work. Strange. Is it just me?

I am logging in from Uganda, so who knows! :D

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    Posted · Forum 404 Errors

    Thank you so much. I'm glad it's not just me. Usually is.

    Thanks for a GREAT product, and a great forum. I've read a lot, found amazing advice, and haven't posted much because frankly I didn't have the knowledge / confidence in anything related to 3D printing. I'm a long-time hacker (security guy) and now more into making / education / charity.

    I'm thrilled to be here. You'll definitely see me around, and hopefully I can post some answers and solutions eventually. :-)



    Looks like we are back on track.

    Let me know if you notice any more oddities.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum :)Looking forward seeing you again!


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    Posted (edited) · Forum 404 Errors

    Hi Johnny,

    Welcome again :)

    I would suggest to just participate, be part of the conversation and you'll learn on the way!

    Make sure to share some of the things you are making in our print section and you can even receive feedback on how to potentially improve it.

    With the collection of prints we have there it could also functions as a source of inspiration.

    Enjoy your Ultimaker and the community!

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    Posted · Forum 404 Errors

    The more, the merrier


    Read a lot. Ask a lot. Learn a lot.

    I do a lot of education and charity work too. I have a full-size R2-D2, with many 3D printed parts deep inside of it, helping hold those valuable electronics in place. "We", R2 and I, primarily do Pediatric hospital visits but get many requests for appearances elsewhere. My God Son died of brain cancer when he was 5 back in 1994. The outreach so many did for him, to comfort and entertain him, made a big impact on me. When I found a club that built R2-D2s, I knew such a robot would be loved at a hospital.

    So, it has been my geeky way of giving back. Putting a smile on a very sick child's face means the world to me.

    The members here have taught me a lot, from building my kit to fine tuning the machine...and more.


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    Posted · Forum 404 Errors

    Hi @LePaul,

    do you also take your R2D2's to MakerFaires?

    I spend some time talking to someone who was in such a group I think last year. But can't remember if it was in Bay Area or NYC.. (I am thinking Bay Area).

    Anyway, great way to give back! I am sure kids love it.

    Does your R2D2 has a lot of printed parts?

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    Posted · Forum 404 Errors

    The only one I have been to so far is in Dover, New Hampshire They had a Mini-Maker Faire that was great.

    I am working with a friend of mine who organizes large events, like Comic-Con type things, about putting together a MakerFaire in my area. We have a lot of technology in the region, schools and much more that could really show off advanced manufacturing, robotics and more. The University has an advanced robotics research area, testing robotic ideas for things like surgery and more.

    My first R2 only has internal items made on the Ultimaker. I needed a means to mount the electronics inside R2. I have printed several Arduino UNO holders and other things that keep everything organized..so they do not short circuit!

    The second R2 does have 3D printed parts made. As beautiful as CNC aluminum parts are, they are heavy. I have been working on replacing some of the detail pieces with 3D printed ones, to reduce weight. Once painted, you can't tell the difference Here's the 'coinslot' piece that is on the front of R2 printed with Ultimaker Silver PLA


    I also use the Ultimaker to prototype parts that will be used to test fit inside the droid. If they fit and work out, sometimes I re-print them to a stronger/higher fill density or ship the part to the machine shop to be made in aluminum. The Ultimaker has come in handy for making small pieces, such as washers or spacers for some assemblies. Learning how to draw parts was tough, I found Sketch Up works alright for many quick fixes. And of course, learning how to use Cura and the Ultimaker to get good results just takes time and experience.

    Sorry for the long reply :)


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