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Buying a second hand UM2

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Posted · Buying a second hand UM2


Firstly, I have never owned or seen a 3D printer in real life

I am thinking of buying a used Ultimaker. The owner describes it as 'requiring a service' whatever that means.

He says the nozzle becomes blocked after about an hour of printing - he says a new nozzle should fix it. I am suspicious about this as surley the nozzle is just a heated bit of brass? with a hole in it. I think, maybe the heating element (is there one?) in the nozzle may be the problem.

So, firstly, I want to go and see it and get him to print something. How easy is it for me to achieve this. Can I, for example, take an SD card (it's a UM2) with some sort of file/instructions on it and pop it in and let it print. If so, what file? Where can I get (download?) it from.

Thanks in advance


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    Posted · Buying a second hand UM2

    so he is lying to you that's for sure :)

    the nozzle wouldn't block it after an hour.

    first of all, if the price is right, buy it. nothing much can go wrong with these printers.

    just look for exterior damage..

    how many printing hour does it have? below 2000 basically means it is as good as new..

    look at any exterior damage , are there cracks? are the belts ok? they should be tight. move the head around, does it move around smoothly? if not, put a little bit of sewing machine oil on it (take that with you!) and move the head again.

    then i would say a used UM2 is worth between 800 and 1000 euros depends on the hours it has ran..

    the problem he is describing is the PTFE piece.. that will clog up your prints..

    just buy the thing as cheap as possible, buy the upgrade kit for 400, it will have a new feeder, new head assembly and this will solve all those issues.. that way you have a basically almost brand new um2+ for about 1200 to 1400 euros.

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    Posted · Buying a second hand UM2

    Fabrc8 has refurbished Ultimaker 2's with 1 year warranties for $1299


    I've seen a few UM2's for sale since the UM3 came out :)

    @enveetee if you aren't afraid of doing an upgrade and are familiar with working with hardware, the Extruder Upgrade install isn't terribly hard. If you can get the Ultimaker 2 for a reasonable price, purchase the upgrade and install it. Whatever nozzle problems that seller is mentioning won't matter since you are installing a brand new print head, rods and extruder.

    @jmakers3d how many hours are on that machine? How much printing has it done.

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