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Public price list of UM2 spare parts?

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Hello people!

I looked for it but couldn't seem to find it but is there a price list available for UM2 spare parts?

I'm asking this because I ordered some spare parts from our reseller and I was astonished with some prices.

For example this part (without the instrument even!)


costs 21 euros, while the complete filament feeder (knurled wheel, bearing, spring and all the other parts for the feeder only costs 39 euros.)

To me this piece of metal didn't look at all worth 21 euros...

I made the mistake by ordering a few of them without knowing the price, thank god I was able to send them back.

So a price list for the spare parts would be welcome... Is it available somewhere? :)



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I bought that part recently from ultimaker directly  for 12 euro. If you need something not in the webstore you can get a price quote from um support. Usually um has prices ex tax while resellers mostly have pricing including sales tax. This can sometime explain the difference but clearly not in this case..

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Cleared out by @SandervG (thanks!)

De feeder @ Trideus is with the knurled wheel included while @ fbrc8 it's without the wheel. That makes the price difference.

@ultiarjan You probably have special prices because the official price for the knurled wheel is

15€ excl. VAT, so that's 18€ :) (got this price from Sander also)

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