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Buying my first 3D printer: a few questions.

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After reading tons of articles and forum threads, it's finally time to buy my first 3D printer.

Don't really care about ABS and large prints, therefore -- Ultimaker 2 GO.


1. UM 2 GO comes with one spool of filament. Am I right assuming that I cannot choose color of the included spool?

2. I would love to use PrintInZ Ninja plate instead of messing with blue tape. Am I right assuming that I need to buy one in 120x120 mm? Should I use it on top of or instead of original glass plate?

3. Any reason to buy directly from Ultimaker and not iGo3d.com? iGo3d states lead time of few days and do free European shipping. Ultimaker states lead time of few weeks and one has to pay for shipping. Am I missing something here?

That will be all for now, thanks!

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The UM2Go is awesome. The print quality is a ever so slightly better than the other UM2s, and the carry case is super handy. Plus it's so cute.

anyways, 1: It comes with silver. I don't think you get to choose since it comes all packaged up from distribution.

2. Yes 120 x 120. I'm not too familiar with the Ninja plate, but if its thick, you'll need to use it in place of the glass and probably shim it with something so that it fts with the clamps. If its a stick on piece like buildtec you can stick it on the glass itself. Glass is nice because it is super flat. But not too big of an issue with a small build area. You can also just clip to to the glass if you like. Just be sure to level the bed WITH the new plate on it.

3. Ultimaker will link you to your local resellers when you click on the shopping cart at the top so you can shop with that list. Go with whoever is offering the best deal/shipping/support. You'll probably want some company that's local to your country so you can contact them for support if you need.

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Thank you for the answers, greatly appreciated!

By the way, regarding Zebra (Ninja) plate -- before posting here, I contacted the guys who manufacture said plate and they assured me that while the print area of UM2GO is 120x120, the actual print bed is 125x125 and that is the size of Zebra (Ninja) plate I need to get. Hope someone finds this useful.

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I have a zebra plate and without heat my PLA does not stick. Also it is flexible that is nice for removing prints but bad for having a leveled bed. So for larger prints I don't use it because it is difficult to have it flat for the whole bed.

So actually I am not using it any more since it was not better then heathed bed + glas + glue. Specially if you swap the sides it does not stick at all. Getting it clean enough to get that side operational is quite some work.

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