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Heavy Stringing with stratum vase, CURA retraction and combing question


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Posted · Heavy Stringing with stratum vase, CURA retraction and combing question


I am new in 3d printing.

I got some heavy stringing with one model even with lowering temperature to 190C and increasing travel speed, as shown on picture.


After reading about how to minimize it, i set Retraction minimum travel = 0, Enable combing = all,

Minimal extrusion before retracting = 0 and lowered print speed to 40mm/s.

I got sliced layers in CURA on attached image. Some of them are pretty clear , but a lot of them still have blue lines

getting over gaps , some even without retracting.

Is it possible to force avoiding holes like 100%, because on this model it is possible, and cleaning stringing after pretty impossible? Any suggestions?

setup cura, i3Hephestos, colorfab PLA





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    Posted · Heavy Stringing with stratum vase, CURA retraction and combing question

    kkkturbo did you set the same 3 things? It's critical to make sure combing is on, and those two "minimum/minimal" settings are both at 0. This should assure retraction.

    The next issue is that you are probably printing too hot. The hotter the filament is, the more like honey it is and it leaks too much. You want it closer to toothpaste so you want it cool. Some filaments won't string at all at 210C. Some filaments need to go down to 160C to stop stringing (but the extruder will normall stop moving if the temp goes below 170C so 180C is the lowest practical temperature). But if you print that cold you also have to slow things down a lot. Slowing down also helps stringing because there is less pressure in the head when it goes to retract but mostly the problem with printing too fast at colder temps is that you get heavy underextrusion making the part ugly.

    I recommend printing at 200C and 0.1mm layers and 30mm/sec and if you still get stringing then try a different filament. Even the same brand but a different color will help. Usually white PLA is particularly bad at stringing.

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