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aftermarket E3D and 1.75mm conversion

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Posted · aftermarket E3D and 1.75mm conversion

so i found this company


and they make a 1.75mm conversion for the UM2


plus an E3D v6 conversion as well


I was wondering what's up with this? are these guys a supplier of ultimaker or something? does anyone know anything about them or the quality of what they produce/sell?

to keep a long story short, i could reeeeeeeeeally benefit from going 1.75 on my UM2

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Posted (edited) · aftermarket E3D and 1.75mm conversion

Aliexpress it's like an ebay mostly from china, asia sellers.

If you check the description of the second kit, it uses 12v 40W heater, so it won't work on um2 board.

There are plenty of china sellers that sell that ones. But the key to buy from aliexpress it's:

- Send them a msg to the seller shop and check how good/bad it's the support.

- Read, read, read the description.

- Check the votes and number of unit solds.

For more info about china shops check:


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Posted · aftermarket E3D and 1.75mm conversion

Quality, quality, quality.

Personal I wouldn't touch it, some of the quality of metal parts produced is not there, check the Olsson block I think they are now doing or are in the stages of doing a 1.75mm nozzle block, then you just need the correct Bowden tube, and a feeder unit(if running a dual head), print off some bits you may need and your away.

Bear in mind if it's a cheap poorly produced nozzle you may get poor prints, and one reason for the Olsson block and nozzles is the improved flow of material and improved prints.

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