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Ultimaker 2 - Wont turn on.. - How is fbrc8's Support?


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Posted · Ultimaker 2 - Wont turn on.. - How is fbrc8's Support?

I had just ran a 2 hour print earlier this morning. Printed just fine after the print finished gave it a few minutes to cool down then I turned it off.. Went out and did some shopping etc, came home 7hours later (no one at home so that factor ruled out). Go to turn on my printer... nothing...

Power brick has blue led light on as normal..

Lights in the printer does not turn on, display does not come on in the front.. Just a low hum comes from the main board for a few seconds then stops..

This sucks! :(

Called up fbrc8 as they appear to be my "local" support.. but think they are closed for the weekend as its after 4:30pm on a Saturday.. Sent them a email with the required information (serial number etc..) hope they are able to help me fairly quickly. I have about 20hrs+ of printing now on hold and had to take down my 3DHUBS hub :(

Printer is barely 3months old.. :(

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    Posted · Ultimaker 2 - Wont turn on.. - How is fbrc8's Support?

    They're very good but expecting a reply on a Saturday might be asking a bit much.

    They might not be next door but I'm pretty sure Memphis is a lot closer to you than Geldermalsen in the Netherlands.

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    Posted · Ultimaker 2 - Wont turn on.. - How is fbrc8's Support?


    Well I actually did get a response tonight from after-hours support. Did say they were closed until Monday but gave me some troubleshooting tasks to attempt until then to expedite the support request so I am not completely sitting around twirling my thumbs. Out to dinner currently but going to try them all when I get home..

    Something I did test not long after posting on here was turning the machine on and off intermittently looking around the machine for any signs of life at all.. Found sometimes the screen would turn on for a couple seconds and shut off. When it did come on randomly it was one of 2 screens. One looked like it was vertical scan lines (barcode?) The other screen only way to describe is the no signal snow/static you get on older TVs when you have no signal. Neither screen was animated and turned off shortly after presenting. Also the light on the nob never turned on either.

    Support said something about life indicators were the button led and a heat display.. I have no clue what a heat display would be.. Is this something on the front of the main board? Or was this a typo for the head display (front display?)

    Also.. Robert love your extruder mod!

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    Posted · Ultimaker 2 - Wont turn on.. - How is fbrc8's Support?

    So you know when you call techsupport and the first (most annoying thing) they say is "have you tried restarting your computer?" seriously was something like one of those moments.

    So it appears there was 2? things that fixed my problems..

    First.. so fbrc8 asked me to unplug everything from the main board as something is likely shorting and causing it to not power on properly.. Ok ill buy that.. So.. I start unplugging everything one by one.. after unplugging each plug I try turning it on just to see if I unplugged the right thing.. if it didnt turn on I didnt plug it back in just moved to the next one.. so.. I get to the point that I have everything unplugged except the heater for the hotend and heater for the bed.. and the 2 ribbon cables for the display and sdcard.. still nothing.. bummer.. I start looking at the white connectors on the plugs for the motors and noticed.. these look sorta yellow compared to say the end stop connectors.. wonder if something burned up or over heated on the front of the board.. so I take the 4 screws out and flip the board over (I haven't unplugged anything else yet).. notice there is a few indicator LED's on the front of the board.. Alright something to look at besides the display! look the board over closely.. nothing looks burnt or dis-formed or anything, board looks brand new still... look at the "white" connectors and they also have an odd off white to them but do not appear to have gotten hot or melted or anything that leads me to think they got too hot at any point I guess just cheap connectors *whatever* Ok well lets turn it on see if one of these led's come on one of them is bound to be a power light... turn it on.. one nice bright green led comes on! *yay* look up.. printer is on and booting up and all the led's inside the printer are on.. "what??" *scratch head*.. turn it on and off a few times make sure its turning on fine.. kind jar the main board around moving cables around that are connected to it see if something has a short or something.. turn it back on and off few times.. works fine.. *scratches head* "whatever" so I start plugging things in one by one.. turning the printer on and off each time make sure it works fine after each is plugged in.. plug in the last plug.. everything is working fine.. completely confused and this point but happy because I have printing to do and looks like I can start again.. I continue the processes of re-mounting the main board and putting the bottom cover on again.. flip the printer back over turn it on and off about a dozen times make sure its still working.. everything's fine.. works fine..

    Second factor... Now I grab the SDcard I been using to print (this SD card has around 100hrs print time on it already and is not the one that came with the printer as that one died on me somewhere around 150-200hrs).. mind you.. this SDcard has been across the room about 7feet away from the printer since before I contacted fbrc8 figured keep it in a safe place encase I have to take the front display board off or RMA the printer or something I dont want to accidentally forget it in the printer and break it or the sdslot..or forget it and ship it half way across the country with my printer... Put the SD card in and hit print.. printer takes about 3seconds trying to read the card.. suddenly the lights in the printer dim.. and a second later.. whole printer shuts off.. "WHAT!?!" take the sdcard out and look at it.. it "looks" fine.. turn the printer back on.. wont turn on.. try 2 more times.. suddenly turns on.. then turn it on and off a few more times make sure it turns on fine.. works fine.. put SD card back in hit print.. *blink* turns off again.. *damn it* ok.. something with the SD card.. still doesn't explain why i had to -remove- the main board from the printer to get it to reset in the first place.. test the sdcard in my card reader on my computer.. nothing happens to the computer but it doesnt see the card either.. ok this is a dead card now.. look around find another sd card in the junk drawer.. put a program on it with cura.. pop it into the printer.. printer is now hour into a 4hr print with no issues at all..

    What. The.. Heck?!

    So last sdcard I had die on me.. the printer just wouldn't read it any more.. it didnt strait up turn off on me.. On top of that.. how did taking 4 screws out of the main board reset the main board and make it start working again?!

    Dont know.. but this seriously a head scratcher..

    So the root of the issue

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