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Colour Fab Bronze Fill 0.50 stainlees nozzle

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I eventually got around to trying the 0.50 nozzle from 3d Solex I am using s3d printing around 30mm/s at a temp of 200 but the feeder is clicking (like its putting to much pressure into the Olson Block. also when fans come on at say 40% the print goes to the wall starts going horrible im finding keeping the fans off is best (is that normal for bronzfill) and with steel nozzle.

and lastly on the bottom of the nozzle I'm getting significant accumulation of material building up, any ideas why .

All advise appreciated.

or I went to a longer yoke on iRoberts feeder, to increase pressure on a test piece there were allot of grinding notches in the material on retractions.

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The print has finished Not Good a lot of scaring from the glob of material collecting on the nozzle.

also I laid a brim of 5 lines wide this didn't adhere to the main body where there is a good surface finish theres gaps in the weave you can see it on the second R on the right.

this was printed at 200 I also turned up the extrusion to 110% BronzeFill.thumb.jpg.2ed980336ec43c4a9e5c5c946626e3ab.jpg


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Stainless nozzles have bad heat transfer and require a lot higher nozzle temp. Also the fans cool the tip and makes it even worse.

I printed the barrel with 0.3mm Brass Nozzle, 0.08layers and i think 40mm/s


The build up around the Nozzle is normal for this material but may have been made worse with you not using fans.


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