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Temperature sensor very stuck. Any options besides damaging?

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I sent my UM2ex to get repaired a few months ago and they swapped out the temperature sensor. I had previously removed it successfully with some oil and tlc and reinstalled it with a tad of metal hanging out for if I ever needed to switch it out with a spare nozzle. The replacement was reinstalled pretty much as deep as the sensor can go into the hotend and I've tried everything from sewing machine oil to pry it out with an awl, yet nothing will make this thing budge. I tried doing it hot too (not fun and smelly with the oil).

Has anyone else been in my situation?

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I did read long ago on the olsson post that you could 'drill' it... Depends, what's cheaper, a new old block, or a new sensor...

By drill, I mean to drill on the oposite side, carefully, so you can push the sensor from the other side to take it out. Also I think I readed someone using WD40?

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yes I've been in that situation. I've broken a few. I sell them for a reasonable price here:


The guy who wrote this guide only broke one temp sensor out of a 100 replacements. He also mentions the awl. he's more patient than I am. I was able to get a particularly difficult one out with a needle - getting it out just far enough to grab with the pliers. I have also drilled it out from the other end - you can feel a tiny tiny movement when you break through. It is subtle but also kind of obvious. Trust your feeling and don't drill any extra. Push out with paper clip.

Oh. The guide - just read about how to get the sensor out:


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