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Looking for tool change script / plugin in Cura

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My question is:

Is it actually possible to have a freely configurable tool change scrip in Cura?

I'm running my UM2 with dual head.

For tool change procedure I need to cool down inactive nozzle, and heat up the new one.

Actually I'm using S3D because they have tool change script.

I want this for Cura, is there anybody knowing how to?

S3D tool change script

{IF NEWTOOL=0}M104 S170 T1 ; set T1 inactive extruder to temperature-40 C

{IF NEWTOOL=0}G1 X115 Y140 F5000

{IF NEWTOOL=0}M109 S210 T0 ; set T0 new active extruder to temperature

{IF NEWTOOL=1}M104 S170 T0 ; set T0 inactive extruder to temperature-40 C

{IF NEWTOOL=1}G1 X115 Y140 F5000

{IF NEWTOOL=1}M109 S210 T1 ; set T1 new active extruder to temperature


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I think Cura already does this automatically. The old cura has a pre and post hotend switch g-code bit where you can do these things.


The point is l want to configure a position in x/y and temperature for inactive tool.

When the tool change is performed the machine moves there, heats up the next tool head, waits for temperature reached and goes on printing. The inactive tool is cooling down (by 40 deg).

If there is a possibility to configure that,

Please tell me where it is.

Thank you for your help.


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