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launching Cura in command line mode

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Absolutely. I've never done this so not sure how - but I would guess maybe you can see the actual command line that cura runs and you could duplicate that syntax.

The gui is called cura. The slicer is called curaEngine. So it would be more like:

curaEngine -o output.gcode model.stl

or you can try curaEngine -h which lists some of the parameters. The 3x3 matrix is for rotation and translation of your model so you don't need that.

Try googleing curaEngine command line or similar.

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Thanks for your last response.

I found the synopsis of CuraEngine on the web with the extensive list of "settings". The problem is that I don't want to come up with values for all of these. I just want to duplicate settings generated by the Cura GUI. I have no idea how to find out what they all are. I wish that there was some kind of configuration file with all of the inputs generated for a particular application. Do you know if this exists? Thanks again

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I had the impression that if you send zero settings to curaEngine it would pick defaults for you.

Anyway, if you run the cura gui and select some quickprint settings, then do "save profile..." you can save every setting into an easily readable file.

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