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ERROR STOPPED : Heater Error after install OLSSON BLOCK

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Ok, another idea. Did you change your fan shroud? If you get the temp error only sometimes, it could mean that too much air hits the nozzle and the heater can't heat up fast enough triggering the temp error.

I am using this fan shroud and it works really well (printed in colorFabb XT).


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I had a lot of problems with this error. I print with ABS and I think that the combination of the increased temperature requirement, together with fan cooling, caused the problem.

Lately, I have disabled the fan altogether when printing ABS - I have had no problems with the heater error since then.

I also re-downloaded firmware to the UM2, but I can't say if this helped or not.

As a backup, I have bought a 35W heater - I think the heater error you are seeing is related to a weak 25W heater element, that comes with the UM2 as standard - as a last resort this might be worth trying, but slowing down the fan or switching it off altogether (for ABS anyway) is a good thing to try.

best of luck!

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The last 2 answers are excellent but I want to add what "heater error" means:

heater error (as opposed to error stopped - temp sensor)

You get an error if the heater can't move a certain amount in a certain time while driving full power (when it is close to goal temp it typically runs well below full power):



14.09 - does not have the feature

14.12 oct 16, 2014 - feature introduced. 20C in 20 Seconds

14.12.1 dec 15, 2014 - from 20C to 10C (still in 20 seconds)

15.01 jan 14, 2015 - from 20 secs to 30 secs (now 10C in 30 seconds)

As of March 2016 I'm pretty sure these values haven't changed and are still at the values they were for version 15.01.

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