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Safe Build size for the UM2+ in Simplify3D?

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I know similar questions have been asked before and i read a bunch of them already, but I am still not quite sure and i'd rather be safe here.

I just found out the hard way that Simplify3Ds Ultimaker2 Profile isn't quite correct for the Ultimaker2+, as with its default bed settings of 230 x 225 my print head crashed straight into the right wall or the rails or something, I was not best pleased about this.

At least I was right next to it and cut the power rather quickly, just to screw up a 2nd time by homing the head without lowering the bed first, so it hit the glass clip on the way home.. Not my day today it seems.

2 Questions if I may:

1) Anybody know of some safe settings for Simplify3D so this wont happen again?

2) Is there some sort of test or things i should check to make sure i didn't damage the printer? To me, it looks ok, the next print was fine, but I am not quite sure what i need to look for..

Thanks for you input

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Ok, yeah 223 * 223 sounds reasonable indeed. I don't have the first clue what caused it to slam into the right wall. The object was "scaled to max" in S3D. All i did see is that it was trying to print the first line of the brim when it did hit the wall, there was nothing unusual there i think.

One thing i did notice that could be behind all this maybe?

When Cura sliced objects start to print, the head moves straight forward towards me and it starts priming / depositing this small spiral of filament pretty much right next to the left next to where the front glass clip is located.

If i print a S3D sliced object, the head moves slightly diagonal and deposits this a good 1 cm further to the right pretty much on top of the clip. Offsets maybe? I wish i had more of a clue ;-)

Hmmm.. i guess that would indicate something with the Start code perhaps? But I didn't modify that (except for taking out the first line where it increases the stepper current, i was told that's not good for the UM2+..)

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Even if the area is set too large in the slicer, shouldn't the firmware stop with an error instead of crashing into a wall? In tinkerware you can adjust the maximum buildsize directly. I guess that standard firmware has all the same parameters but just missing in the menus. Are those parameters set wrong? Or are they meant for something different?

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