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Cura 2.1.1 - pretty low speeds

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I see that the printing speed was set down manually to 40mm/s (in the first picture), that setting should be 60mm/s. It's visible because it has a 'restore' symbol next to it.

This means that you are not working with the standard profiles. Unchanged, the profiles are about as fast as the profiles in 15.04.x.

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@Tomhe: I did misunderstand you. I meant that it is way slower than setting the same base speed for all areas (like I did in the second screenshot).


Indeed, but that slow down must be done to increase the print quality in expense of time. But 'fast' 40mm/s ? that's my average slow print. This machines can do a very nice 50mm/s for speed, and I mostly print at 70-60mm/s all the time. I suppose they want users with happy 'fast' prints, then they go learn how to tune stuff.

I would prefer a % quality slow down with an auto range of 10% as base and a warning to now change too much the % so the speed doesn't change too much. Anyhow in my experience it isn't too much about speed but material flow. When I print 0.50 and 0.31 on some texts I adjust the speed of one and the other so I keep the same material speed.

A system to calculate the mm3 of all the objects profiles so they keep the same volume... Now that would be awesome.

Sorry I went offtopic..

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@neotko: It surely depends on the model. Some things you can't print faster than 40mm/s without loss of quality. My average slow print is 30mm/s and 50mm/s the default speed. I rarely print faster than that because I prioritize quality over time.


Curious I print 50mm/s for normal and 60-70 for ok quality

The interesting point I think it's that everything depends on what you print, and that not everything can be printed the same way. I think the profiles think it's wrongly planed. Won't be easier to have 'kinds of objects' as quality?

For example. User choose a base. Then the program uses a profile with spiralice and recomends a big nozzle. Or user wants 'water tight' then it focus on extra flow and more perimeters. Or 'pcb enclosure' then it focus on high quality top layers with fast quality inside and good quality outside.

I think everyone can agree that there's no perfect profiles but there's always something in common with the kind of object you print. That could be a good starting point for users to learn from profiles while also users could learn that every object can't be printed the same way.

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