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Cura 2.1.2

If you have a model that is just a little to big for your printer (ie: its Gray in Cura and doesn't fit in the bounding frame). Then if you try to move it down into the build plate (to print just a section of it), it will fly up and down out of frame and sometimes never come back!!

Doing Resets of all Object Positions and Transformations does seem to work. But it seems to be very problematic to section up an overly large object to print in manageable pieces.

I did this with a 180x180x180 build area and this Thingi: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:348582

Also, it would be really nice to be able to enter an exact value for the Z-Axis transformations (at least) so things can be sliced precisely.

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Even large models that are scaled to just fit within the build area fly off into never-never land when I try to reposition them.

Scaled the shroomhead.stl from above to fit within my 180x180x180 area and he still flew away when I nudged him a bit. :(

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I tried it too, the same model and the latest version of Cura and for me it didn't fly away.

By default the model fitted my build volume, what machine do you have selected as your machine?

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It's a custom JG Aurora A3 profile.

The build area is 180x180x180 and the shroomhead is exactly 180mm tall.

I did find a workaround: Scale the model to 50%. Orient him and position him (no issues). Then scale it back to 100% and he just fits and doesn't fly away :)

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