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Clicking noise in the y-axis

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My machine has started making a funny "clicking' noise in the y-axis movement. I have cleaned and lubricated everything just short of disassembly. The problem is that I cannot determine where the noise is coming from as it is coming from everything I put my ear or sound "probe" too.


Any suggestions?

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Take a close look at the belts and see if any of them are riding up on the side of their pulleys.

Put some sideways pressure on the head, if the sound goes away then it could be that one of the bearings in the head is shot.

Put your finger on the fans and/or fan shroud, could be something vibrating there.

Could also be crud stuck between the pulley on one of the motor shafts and the side  of the printer.

Could be a bad bearing on one of the main rods.

That's what popped into my tired head for right now. And what pops into my head now is, why the hell am I still up, go to bed stupid.

edit: Forgot to mention. Is that grease I see in the bearings of the head? You shouldn't be using grease there.

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I'm having the same problem. The sound seems to come from the area where the pulleys from the X, Y, and Y Axis motor belt are together...

Is there a way to know if the bearing has a problem, and if so. Is there any place where I can go see how to replace it?


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I actually solved the problem with mine. It was the cog belt had to much tension on it and was rubbing tightly against the metal pulleys. I went to AutoZone auto supply store and purchased some v-belt dressing, sprayed it on q-tip cotton swabs and wiped it on the edges of all the cog belts and the machine is a quite as it was when I first pulled it out of the box. You need to verify how tight the belts are and adjust them with the four hex screws holding the servo. The holes are slotted and allow minor tension adjustment. They need to be taught, but not so tight they act like a spring when you squeeze them together.

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