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UM2+ Jammed 4 times this week

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Posted (edited) · UM2+ Jammed 4 times this week

Hello all,

This is my first post, but I am certainly not new to printing. I have over 2,000hrs logged on my UM2+ and almost 3,000 on a Lulzbot Taz5 so hopefully this isn't the noobiest post you've seen today

Recently I have been having jamming issues that have made the printer all but impossible to use. Each time has been more and more difficult to unclog and it lasts anywhere from an hour to a day before it stops printing again.

I use Hatchbox, Colorfabb, and Gizmo Dorks PLA filaments. I replaced the nozzle yesterday with a brand new one and I've already had 2 jams today alone. I run the stock 210C extrustion temp that I have always ran with these filaments. I have disassembled the feeder box every time I have had a jam and blew the scraps out with compressed air and taken a soft wire brush to the hobbed feeder bolt each time. I have tried light cooking oil on the filament to help lubricate, I have cleaned out the hotend and bowden tube to make sure there is nothing blocking the filament flow or constricting it's movements. I also re-leveled the bed when I replaced the nozzle to make sure the nozzle wasn't too close or too far from the bed, Atomic more times than I can count, oiled all smooth rods, tightened down all stepper screws, and checked the extruder fans. All of the steppers seem to be working fine and I am using the same SD card stored Gcode files I have used for months. I have also used Cura for every slice since the beginning.

This really has me stumped and I would definitely like some opinions or ideas that I have not yet thought of.

Thanks for your time

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Posted · UM2+ Jammed 4 times this week

Most likely it's the teflon part. I recommend replacing it no matter how good it looks. The newer parts from Ultimaker and my store (gr5.org/store) use a higher temp type of teflon that's better than the teflon Ultimaker used to use.

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