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Posted · Layer Height

Was wondering if anyone could lead me into a better direction regarding layer height. I am currently printing detailed faces of famous individuals. (mainly athletes and musicians) In my research I'm finding that layer height is the foundation for your level of detail in your prints. From my understanding a thinner layer height will produce a more detailed print. Does anyone have a setting they have used that has produced an optimal result? On another note I am currently printing with PETG.

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    Posted · Layer Height

    Hi @Jtghoops13,

    Generally speaking, thinner layers will provide higher quality prints.

    However, there is much more to take into consideration. Thin layers is just thin layers, if there are layers missing or misaligned your print / surface still doesn't look good.

    The way a 3D printer is designed, build and calibrated has a big role in this.

    Besides that, your printing profile is important too. Like speed and temperature. Which are also being influenced by the size and complexity of your model.

    How big are the faces you are trying to print?

    Could you upload some of the prints you have made? What is it that you want to improve specifically?

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    Posted (edited) · Layer Height

    Here's a link to a pretty detailed Calibration Guide:


    After that, you can adjust layer heights, nozzle and bed temperatures, and print speeds to dial in the best settings for you printer and the filament material.

    P.S. Hereis a Print Troubleshooting guide for specific print issues. It may help as well:


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