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Power Supply Issues.

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Hi. I print medical models which take approximately 24 hrs. I am facing problem with the type of back up power supply required to prevent failure from frequent power cuts and unstable power supplies in my area. Kindly suggest me the appropriate type of power back system required. Do I need an online or offline uninterrupted power supply unit? Please help me.

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Hi and welcome to the community

What kind of printer(s) do you have?

How long does the backup system need to take care of running the printer(s)? Is it usually some small power failures or long ones?

hi. I have ultimaker 2. the backup system needs to provide power for 15 minutes in the worst case situations.

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The UM2 power supply is rated to 221W so definitely make sure it can put out at least 250 Watts (also known as VA so at least 250VA). But that is not the most important specification.

Most of these UPS are rated to a certain amount of "watt hours". You need 221Watts X 0.25 hours or 55 Watt hours. In reality the printer doesn't use all 221W. The heated bed alone uses about 100W max and the rest probably uses on average about 75W. So if you are only heating the bed to 60C the bed is probably only on half the time and your printer can probably last almost 25 minutes with a 55watt hour UPS. I would recommend 50W hours or more.

This is the most important specification so of course it is the hardest to find in the specifications. It's like not mentioning how much gasoline a lawnmore or car can hold. Usually instead they will tell you "max minutes at full load".

So for example this thing: CP1000AVRLCD will put out 600 Watts for 1 minute which when mulitplied together gives you 600 watt minutes or 10 watt hours.

Another way to look at it is that since the UM2 takes 100 to 200 watts it would last 3 to 6 minutes (600/100=6 minutes and 600/200 gets you 3 minutes).

Everytime you drain the battery completely you probably lower it's capacity. So the first time maybe 6 minutes but the tenth time maybe only 5 minutes.

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