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Marlin UMO+ More Flow precision 100,00% ? (how to add decimal points?)

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This probably isn't a problem at all for UM2 users, since they can adjust the filament size precisely on their um2 control panels, but on UMO+ the only way to adjust the flow it's, well, adjusting 'flow'. The problem it's that it does jumps of 1% that are way to high to be able to readjust the gcode without actually making it again.

It's there anyway to change on marlin the int3


menu_edit_type(int, int3, itostr3, 1)

that it's used on the menu to control flow amount

MENU_ITEM_EDIT(int3, MSG_FLOW, &extrudemultiply, 10, 999);

I suppose the way to do this it's by making a new 'int3' that actually works with at least 1 decimal point so I could do more precise adjustments to the flow like 100,5% flow ?

Could I edit the Flow menu to use

menu_edit_type(float, float51, ftostr51, 10)

So, could be this the solution?

MENU_ITEM_EDIT(float51, MSG_FLOW, &extrudemultiply, 5, 9999);

It's this the way to do this? My C++ it's literally 0 and I just understand the code but I never programmed so... A bit of help please? :D thanks!

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So, could be this the solution?

MENU_ITEM_EDIT(float51, MSG_FLOW, &extrudemultiply, 5, 9999);


For a three digit float with 2 decimals it would be "float32" IMHO...

..but that's not sufficient, because extrudemultiply is declared as int (in Marlin.h)

If i were you... i would change the declaration (and the definition) to float and give it a try. Probably some rounding is useful for the e-steps calculation.

And that's it.

If in doubt, just search the Marlin folder for the term "extrudemultiply". There are only a few places where this is used.

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So far all the test show that works, been busy printing non stop. It's great because the colorfabb spool I print the most it's 1.74mm ish size and with 101% it overextrude a bit but with 100.55 it gives me the quality I need

RC7 I did actually assemble it (or was rc6? I can't remember.. it was 1 month ago), but I didn't print with it, the menus have change a lot, there's a few cool options like the assisted manual calibration. There are a loot of small settings that need adjusts, like homing speed, it also doesn't have led control like amedee build ofc. One interesting think I saw was that it has a different acceleration setting for just 'travel'.

It was a really fast test of 1-2h after assembling the settings, but in the end I did give up and didn't even print with it :D

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