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Constant jamming, can't fix

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Posted · Constant jamming, can't fix

I have had my Ultimaker Original Plus for about 2 years now and have not had problems until now. Just recently after a long print, when I went to print again it quickly jammed before it even got down the first layer. So I un-jammed it and it quickly jammed again. I have tried heating it to about 240 degrees Celsius, I print in pla, and it still will not clear the jam. I took the hot end apart and cleared it as best I can, and it still jammed after that. I don't know what to do and there are not U.S. stores I can find that carry a complete new hot end for the Original Plus. Please help.

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    Posted · Constant jamming, can't fix

    Hi and welcome!

    http://fbrc8.com/ has everything for umo+

    Have you check the ptfe coupler? It has a 200h print time (maximum). It might look like a clog but it might be a jam from something generating more pressure.


    Check filament size (it can't be bigger than 3.00mm

    Check Bowden, it should be on good shape

    Photos, lots of photos, show us the failed print, the ptfe coupler bottom and anything else you can.

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    Posted · Constant jamming, can't fix

    You're sure the nozzle is jammed? Or do you not know where the "jam" is? Could it be the extruder has ground up the filament - did you check in there?

    It could be you have dust in the nozzle and it can't fit through the hole. A "cold pull" will fix this - it helps if you have a nozzle cleaner tool - I give out a free one to all new customers in my store. Read about cold pulls and try that. Cold pull will tell you other information if you photograph it and post it here - neotko is an expert at looking at them.

    It could be the bowden isn't inserted all the way. Warm filament can eventually expand and cool and keep the filament from moving up or down or both. Is it loose? Try sliding it up and down.

    It could be a feeder issue if you changed anything there. Remove the filament and shine a light in there and look to see if the gears are aligned or clogged or something else.

    When it jams do you open the feeder and try feeding by hand and nothing comes out? If so I would remove the nozzle and do "cold pulls" over a hot gas stove to clean it out. I hold the nozzle in pliers, put in gas flame with a drop of water on it. After the water boils I count another X seconds then remove from heat, insert filament into the nozzle, then let it cool for Y seconds and then pull hard on the filament which should come out in the shape of the inside of the nozzle.

    Play with X (about 10 seconds) and Y (over a minute) until you get perfect nozzle shaped clean looking pulls.

    Cold pulls while connected to the printer are easier. Hot temp is 150C to 200C. Cold temp is about 95C. Easiest with bowden removed.

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