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Cura 2.3.0. Nozzle size parameter box (disappeared?)

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I have just been configuring my printer and slicing settings in Cura 2.3.0. The Machine Settings dialogue box for my 3rd party printer now has Nozzle Size, which was not there in 15.04.4, so I entered 0.4.

Under Preferences, in the Setting Visibility dialogue box the first section is/was Machine Settings with one entry, Nozzle size, so I ticked that to be displayed (or maybe it was already ticked, cannot remember) and then ticked all the other boxes I wanted .

Now I am not sure exactly what I did but I think on the right hand side I changed the Profile from High quality to Normal quality. This was the cause, I think, of a message coming up in the Visibility Settings dialogue box asking me if I wanted to transfer settings or something like that – I have to confess I did not pay too much attention and just hit NO. I seem to have lost all the visibility settings I had entered and importantly (?) The Machine Settings grouping has disappeared from the top of the Visibility Settings box along with the nozzle width tick-box.

Is that because my actions caused the software to catch up with itself and realise that I had defined a 3rd party printer ( with a nozzle width defined in the Machine Settings under Printer) and so the entry on the Visibility Settings was deliberately removed?

If so, do I rightly assume that if you have an Ultimaker or other Cura defined printer then the slicing software takes the nozzle width from the Cura displayed Settings box on the right hand side but if you have a 3rd party defined printer it takes the nozzle width from the Printer settings? – seems a bit strange to me I must say, I guess it actually gets the data from the same place but the GUI is different for how you enter the data?

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Hi @SandervG, another point on this I would like to add. If it IS true that the nozzle size has moved from the main Profile settings to the Machine settings then, unless I am misunderstanding/missing something, I think this is a bad  idea.

On older Cura the Nozzle size was part of the Profile, so if you were testing a model with changes to line width, nozzle size, wall width, you could save these settings, or more likely the final version thereof and then at a future time if you needed to reprint the model you could load the Profile settings and everything was there. If the nozzle size has moved to Machine settings this will no longer be the case - as far as I can see - and one will have to make a separate note somewhere of the nozzle size used. The same also applies if the model will benefit say from a 0.8mm nozzle setting; which I find I am using more and more these days, and I am some others are too.

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Thanks but that is not true for my version of 2.3.0 downloaded yesterday. I say that because there was a tick box for it under the Visibility Settings when I firs started to set the software configuration and that tick box is no longer there.


When you first set up the software, you were using a previous version (2.1.3?). The Nozzle Setting can no longer be made visible in the sidebar with any version of 2.3. This is by design.

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