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Define start of perimeter

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Hi all,

Loving Cura as it is very easy to use and lots of options to play with.

What I was wondering though if there is a setting somewhere that lets you define the start of each perimeter line.

I have an issue whereby the stacked start and ends of the perimeter lines form a vertical line through the part on a seen face. Is there any way to move this start point to a defined area?


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Sadly, currently there isn't. I've tried to find out how Skeinforge defines the start point, which seems to be the closest point to the front left corner. But I couldn't find the point in the code where it defines the start point, so my guess is that it's a side effect of some code.

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Aha! So front left corner eh?

Yes, I'll try and rotate the model and see if that makes any difference.

It would be really really handy if at least we can define a different area where to define the start area for all perimeters.

But even better if we could tick it over a certain amount every layer so that no vertical line would be formed.

So Skeinforge would have to integrate this for Cura to take over?

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