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Jam after prints have finished

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Posted · Jam after prints have finished

I have recently begun to have a problem where when I come to print a model the filament gets jammed somewhere close to the nozzle. However this only happens when I have not changed the material after a print. When I come to start a new print nothing will come out of the nozzle and often will hear the clicking of the feeder stepper motor. I have no idea what's causing it as i have taken the whole print head assembly apart and made sure there's nothing obvious blocking and that the tube is fully inserted into the PTFE coupler. It never used to have this problem and it is getting irritating now as it seems to happen 90% of the time. Hope someone can shed some light on this irritating issue!

Many Thanks,


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Posted · Jam after prints have finished

Hi Tomty,

I've had exactly the same problem as you describe here.

But first thing to check is the hot end cooling fan on the back of the extruder, if this one is not working you'll have the same problem as you describe.

As you did, I'll always remove the filament after the print and then put it in an airtight bag that have some dehumidifier keeping the humidity around 17 %.

After a 12 hour print did finish when I was not around, the filament was stuck at the extruder.

Actually the feeder become glued, due to ricing heat during cooling down. I'll think this problem is causing more problem than most people are aware of, myself included here!

Have a look at this tread;


Good look.



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Posted · Jam after prints have finished

Hi Torgeir,

I checked the fan today and that seems to be running fine with no issues. I did however do an atomic clean on the nozzle and found that the filament had a 'barb' on one side. I have since changed the PTFE coupler and the metal piece that goes with it. (I was going to change the hot end however I couldn't get the thermocouple out). It seems to be working fine now however I might buy the + conversion kit to get the extra features.

Thanks for your help!


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