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  1. Hi @Carbon, We talked about the "coupler" that are inside the extruder of the UM2 family printers. Thanks Torgeir
  2. Hi @bassamanator, Well, this also looks like it could be an issue with your filament. If the filament has attracted water, it can look pretty much like this. Thanks Torgeir
  3. Hi @friedl_basson, Edit: I'll add a little more information to better understanding of the problem, for people in general. I'll think that as the increased feed rate fixed the problem the feeder can be considered OK. Aha, you're using TGE nozzle, is this the steel one? If it is, be aware that this nozzle have less heat transfer properties, so you might print slower in order to avoid under extrusion. Some people use to increase the temperature some, but this can sometimes lead to a problem as the density might change during printing. (Because the temperature
  4. @GregValiant, aha.. Ough.. Did not catch that one.. 🙃 Well- So I opened it in S3D and see the problem with the slightly sloped wall on the right side of the "box opening". From where the slope starting, Cura start infilling (100 %) caused by the increased distance in between outer and inner wall. An adjustment of the wall width/height and infill type may/will fix this problem. The Arc Welder don't do any good for this model as you cannot use the viewer in Cura to analysis and modify the setting as it is supposed to do. So -as Greg says,
  5. Hi @friedl_basson, As you have printed for some time with TPE and maybe at some higher print temperature? Then some under extrusion started. I would check that the feeder is function properly, then that the hot end cooling fan is working and finally the insulation coupler (TFM). If one of those three items fails it will always led to under extrusion of some sort. Good luck Torgeir
  6. Hi there, I'd just looked at your gcode file -and for sure something strange is happening during the slicing/storing of your model. This sliced model looks like it is "printed" 🙃 by a faulty printer, I'll never seen a Cura slicing model like this.. But I'm sure Greg will take a good luck at this one. 😕 There "appears" to be some issues with your printer, but maybe better to have your slicer problem fixed before blaming your printer. Thanks Torgeir
  7. Well, this depend a little. You can try to print using "spiralize mode" (single wall), but then you will not have a full covered top (about max 95 deg). Using this simply leave a small hole in the hi point. To print it fully closed, you will need to use a gradually thicker wall as you approaching the top. If you need it to "be/look" nice at the inner wall as well you'll need support. But it will be better if you have a dual nozzle system and using PVA or "break away" as support. The way you design you "dome" and how it's size matching nozzle w
  8. Hi @ultimaker_user, "use adaptive layers" is not set by default, you need to select it yourself. Go to "preferences", then select settings and then select; "check all". Close preferences. Next, select "printer settings" go to "experimental" and select; "use adaptive layers". That's all. Thanks Torgeir
  9. For me, this sparkling effect of the wings remains me about the dragonfly .. Indeed an interesting creation. Looking forward to see this one finished. Torgeir
  10. Hi there. Maybe this is something that can help a little here.. See this "program" by Jack Minardi. https://github.com/jminardi/mecode This software was developed by the Lewis Lab at Harvard University. Thanks Torgeir
  11. Hi @Jim8163, as you did not tell us what kind of op system you use, Windows, Apple or perhaps Linux? This and the version of the one you're using. Could be a number of things preventing this to work. However, there might be one not so known.. Did you renew your Fusion 360? If not, -you would not be able to send any stl file to your printer -but you might still be able to make drawings.. Thanks Torgeir
  12. Greg is really quick, as usual. I see exactly this too .. No problem.. 🤔
  13. Carlok said: Tweaking the Z-axis is simple to implement in the printer software, but it's fixing a symptom rather than the real problem. ------------------------- This can not be said in any better way and should be an advice to so many service agencies that make "immediate" improvements .. Thanks Torgeir
  14. Hi @TheLoki, I uploaded your stl file and sliced it for my UM2E+. The only printer I have that can -"hardly" print that object with. So, had to deselect brim/skirt - set to none. I sliced it with Archcne beta, standard profile (Normal 0.15) increased to 0.2 height.. Also used support with support blocker inside cause cura like to support inside, -no combing -but used retraction. Layer one is all completed. Here is how it looks. Good luck Thanks Torgeir
  15. Well, I cannot see that T0 is active.. Is it really selected? If you attach your project file here, it will be a lot easier for any of us to investigate in order to help.. (Use save project file). Thanks Torgeir.
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