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  1. Hi @flnielsen, This is strange, sounds like this happen during deceleration from "high" speed when "breaking" to stop. Maybe this is a sign of too low current for acceleration/deceleration of the Z-stepper motor. Actually, this might very well be the issue for the "nozzle height difference error", as the stepper cannot stop at the exact point from time to time.. One may think this is a mechanical issue, but rarely this is the case -those steppers are very solid made. Have this sound been there all since new? Latest update S5 firmware now is 5.8.2 I'll think.
  2. Hi @Nifty, Welcome in here. You'll find Cura "default" here: Thanks Torgeir
  3. Hi @KaraokeAmerica, I've been a little busy lately.. About the size in Mb for the stl file to be printed by Cura, hmm I'll think I've never seen any max value set, but if you have a PC with the right performance it can be high.. However, I would say that 500 Mb is huge for normal 3D printing.. I've seen your model, but there was no slicing data or printer type in your file, just the object. When you upload a project file, you will see that your default printer change to another printer. I have an UM 2 and S3. Normally, a laptop with an i7 /
  4. Sure the profiles built into Cura is good and those profiles are the ones Ultimakers printer's are using. So a good start is to select one of those printers and Cura will start up easily.. However, if you've had installed Cura previously, there is "hidden" info about this and if this is not erased Cura will use this information from your previous installation. This is stored in C under the directory users \ (user)name \ AppData and in here you will find a directory named Cura containing sub directories of previous Cura version installed.. Windows10 store "all" app
  5. Hmm., I found that it is best to give it a "middle" strength when torquing the belt, I mean not all that high torque on the screws. Try to see if the pulley on the stepper need to go more toward the stepper on the shaft, or outward..
  6. If you look closely to the belt's path, you will see if it is offset. Best if you see that the belt stay in the middle or approx., same position on both pulley.
  7. Just check that both pulleys is located so the belt following a strait path without skewing.. One pulley might come loose somehow and moved slightly on the shaft. If you try to move the long R/H shaft back and fort (along shaft length) there should be just a little play. Else, you might check the pulley on the X stepper shaft that is is aligned with the upper long shaft.. If you touch the belt and you fingers become black of "rubber remains", then this is prob. the problem.
  8. Sorry, but I meant the right side, already corrected..
  9. Hi @kevin-osborn, Just saw you video, as far as I can see/hear -this problem is from the X-stepper right/left on the Right side. Have a look in the right corner and see if there is some black rubber dust collected up. Might remove the cover.. This can happen if a pulley is offset, so the belt is sagging on side of the pulley(s). Good luck Thanks Torgeir
  10. Hi Folks, I've been looking a bit on this issue, and it's true there is an issue with 4.8.0 -but this is for parameter adjustments in experimental mode.. In here the functions working well, -but can also fail in certain combination! Anyway, I opened all of your objects -no problem. I've also had the slicer "hanged up", but as soon as you change a parameter, Cura start a new slicing process. The only way I could make Cura(4.8.0) go into an endless (hang up) loop trying to slice is: Your object is sliced fine with "using adaptive layer" selected, but now, -select "ena
  11. With this performance, I'm sure there was some need for it.. 🤔 Torgeir
  12. Great info.. Rate of climb: 5500 feet/min., this is amazing Sure, I've to look a bit closer to this thing.. Cheers Torgeir
  13. Hi there, Local time here is: 16:13 right now. Don't you use a flat area for gluing in between the sections? With one bottom layer, the weight stayed 19 gram, if I made 2 layer, it become 20 gram..
  14. Hi Flemming, Yes, a worn (out) nozzle should detect too little difference between the two nozzles, but to be honest I've never seen any info about this issue herein. But in theory this fall within "nozzle offset" error. Thanks Torgeir
  15. Hi @mi-control, sorry, but I do not have any information about this S/N type information. I can only see that my BB kernel also contains hexadecimal numbers, but the AA kernel (I have) has only decimal numbers, but this may not have any significance .. I'll think only Ultimaker and maybe their resellers have such info.. Torgeir
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