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  1. Great to hear that your printer is working again. Thanks Torgeir
  2. Use Cura 15.04.5 like this. Just connect your printer and install default firmware. Thanks Torgeir
  3. Hi Simon, You may have a problem with the USB to Serial conversion, to fix this it is better to use Arduino. Here is some picture s of how to do it: When setting up Arduino select card type first. Select tools, then card type. Next, tools again and then Port. Here it's show only Com 1. Now you connect your printer and you should get this -but maybe another com port number. The above see your printer, but it is not connected. But when you select the printer it will connect, shown like this.
  4. Hi Simon, As an UM2 is based on Arduino, just install it and you will have the correct driver for UM2. You'll find it here: https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software (Read about setting baud rate and more with the Arduino software.) The default baud rate is 115200 baud. Thanks Torgeir
  5. I'll think it is worth trying update to 5.8.1 from USB as updating using LAN have failed for people. Uploading using firmware from USB is better as the printer have full control of the USB, -but not from the LAN. Thanks Torgeir
  6. Hmm, I'll use to think that if small issues added together, they may lead to an error, but here it is still a massive under extrusion.. Just come to think about an issue on the German treads in here, this was a drawing of a house, an overview of a floor. This had sign of severe under extrusion at several places, much check was made to the printer. However, all ended up in adjusting some critical parameter in the slicer -Cura.. So be aware of these types of issues and be sure to use standard profiles or try printing an old tested test model that has been stored back t
  7. Hi Adam_UL, You need to clean out the "old" plastic partickle's out of the bowden tube, -this as they increase the friction in the tube and increase the "drag forces" when pressure is needed to feed the filament. This pressure is kind of high when printing first layers and your feeder cannot feed properly due to this. It's very important to clean the feeder to prevent those partickle entering the bowden tube. A clean bowden tube will have much longer service life. You can use water(then dry) or air, some even use mechanical stuff as a "little" piece of rag, -but not
  8. Sorry to hear this, just come to think about how did you update, using USB or lan? I've learned in here USB is better/safer for update.. But if you tried all this, maybe better to prepare a logfile from the printer. This file have lots of information. Good luck. Torgeir
  9. Hi @ipsid13, You have an UM S5, right. I'll think this error is related to previous version of firmware, the later version 5.8.1 have fixed this error. Edit: Read here more about this error. https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011599420-ER998-An-unspecified-error-has-occurred Thanks Torgeir
  10. Hi there, RS Components is a worldwide company, exists all the places I've been.. And better, -they are an Ultimaker dealer.. I've been using them for many years and they have almost everything in electronics. 🙂 Thanks Torgeir
  11. Ja, das alte Rändelrad der Feeder ist direkt mit der Schrittwelle verbunden. Während des Langzeitdrucks wird es varm und schleift das Filament leicht. Dies ist noch schlimmer, wenn eine 0,6-mm-Düse verwendet wird.
  12. Ok., Also verwenden Sie immer noch den Original-Feeder. Wie Ulrich sagte, schrumpft der Koppler (hat einen Durchgang mit weniger Durchmesser). Dies verursacht Probleme für den Feeder und führt meistens zu einer Unterextrusion. Viel Glück.
  13. Wenn Sie die Objektdatei speichern, ist es besser zu analysieren, da sie alle Ihre Einstellungen enthält.
  14. Hallo Beks, Auf Ihren Bildern sehe ich einige Probleme, erstens ein Zeichen von zu wenig Extrusion, zweitens hat Ihr Drucker ein mechanisches Problem auf einer der Achsen (diesen vertikalen Linien) und schließlich auf der Oberfläche der Wand im Allgemeinen. Ich weiß, dass weiße Objekte nicht einfach zu fotografieren sind. Hier gibt es also ein paar Fragen zu stellen: Ist dies ein Standard-UM2 ohne Upgrade oder Änderungen? Ok., Da dies ein großer Druck ist, sehen Probleme von hier zu einem kleineren Druckobjekt möglicherweise nicht gleich aus. Wenn Sie das Modell beim Drucken betrac
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