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How to avoid the top / bottom of two joined STLs

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Thank you for your quick response

Unfortunately, my English is not good!


Do you use 2 different processes for each object?



to remove the top layers or bottom. Make two process, one with no too and other with no bottom.

This is not because then the top layer is missing in other places (red circle)


I also tried over "Layer Modifications" but that leads to the same problem

Here is the factory file

Hopefully you know a solution, the problem has been following me for some time.


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Well the problem is that the bottom part has 7 top layers, so is quite unavoidable unless you make it just 1 object (bolean union) on your 3d editing program.

The solution on S3D to make what you want, is to make 3 processes.

1 for the bottom until the end of the toplayers you need, the screw holes. Then other from that to the end of that object. Then other for the top, without bottom.

Even doing that, just done it, you still will get toplayers on the first process.

To do what you want, you should split the screw holes on different objects, so they get their corresponding top/bottom, and this way the other parts can be controlled with each process.

When using processes to work this way you need to design thinking how they work in advance.

Ofc! the easiest thing you can do to your model is just bolean union it.

I see you want to speed up the print doing 0.15 for the bottom and 0.1 for the top. The problem is that you have areas that need 'top layers' on the process of the bottom. So, I would split each part and make it one object per process umm..

Would be like, bottom circle with the screws took out, and then the 3 screws holes on a different process. This way you can make the Bottom circle without toplayers and the top circle without bottom.

So yea.. Basically, you need to chop some to make it work this way. I tried to do it but since is stl I can't bolean it right with rhino.

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Ok I understand it is a matter of STL.

Can you do it in Rhino as above edit it works, or you want to try your suggestions to implement. These are good ideas but no relation to the printing time savings.

I have also tried to remove the surface but that still makes a lot more problems in S3D.

Now again to the function "Layer Modifacations" S3D must nevertheless recognize that since no top or bottom layer is necessary.

Here again a factory file with the 2nd variant

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